Organizing the Pantry

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Today I am linking up with
Domestically Speaking 
cleaning and organizing the pantry.  
It is 5ft. long and 4 feet wide.
I keep food, cleaning supplies, appliances, recyclables, and pet food here.
Here is the before

 Here is everything piled on the island from the pantry.  I can’t believe there is that much stuff crammed in there.  The island is 9ft long and is completely full.

 another view

 These are the appliances that go in the pantry.  I have outlets in there and don’t have to remove the appliance to use it.  (I hate clutter on my counter top)

 Everything removed and wiped down.  Now is the time to flip all the shelves over so they don’t start to warp.  

 After:  Nice, clean, organized pantry.





  1. says

    Love that glass paned door on the pantry! Looking good!!!

  2. says

    Nice job, and by the looks of the multiple number of the same items, I’m guessing you’re pretty good at stocking up on some bargains. Your pantry could rent for a few thousand in NYC. Huge!

  3. says

    I am so not brave enough for a glass pane door on my pantry…it is scary. You pull it off though!

  4. says

    You did a great job organizing and I am a sucker for french doors 🙂

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