Ruffled Paper Chargers by Tammy @ She Wears Flowers

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Today I’m doing a blog swap with Tammy @ She Wears Flowers.
Make sure you head over to her place and check out all her wonderful crafts, she is truly amazing.  I love her work.

Charger 13

Hi! I’m Tammy from she wears flowers and I am thrilled to be visiting the “Cabin’” today!
I love to craft and then blog about whatever craft I’ve got going on. I am pretty determined to craft and sew instead of doing housework and have convinced all of my children that it is super fun. (Crafting that is…and work, too, ‘cause they help me get it done so there is more time to craft!) My life with three girls and my husband is busy and chaotic and I’m a huge bit of a procrastinator. That combination meant that I got to see Dawn’s finished project before I even got mine started. She motivated me to do a Mother’s Day project and I am so glad I did because I love the way it turned out!
I am a pretty practical person and having a big fuss for Mother’s Day seems a little over-the-top for my family. My husband travels a lot for work and hasn’t even been around for Mother’s Day every year. We have no extended family nearby so sometimes it is just me and my girls. And that is the reason this is the perfect project. This project is pretty, budget-friendly, and easy. You can’t go wrong whether it’s just you or you have a big group for your Mother’s Day celebration!
It’s perfect for other celebrations, too!
(for each charger)
2 pieces of 12 x 12 inch scrapbook paper
1 piece of 8.5 x 11 inch cardstock
hot glue
rotary blade paper cutter or trimmer with scoring blade
bone folder tool (optional but oh-so-nice!)
Score each sheet of scrapbook paper at one inch intervals.Charger 1
Flip scrapbook paper over and score from the other side 1/2 inch from the edge and then at one inch intervals from there.
(Make sure scoring lines are all in the same direction.)
Your paper will now be scored every 1/2 inch, but each score “cuts” a different direction—
mountain, valley, mountain, valley, etc.Charger 2
Using the scoring to help, accordion fold each piece of scored scrapbook paper.
Use the bone folder to press the folds flat.Charger 3
Measure the halfway point and fold the length in half at that point.Charger 4
Hot glue along one edge and pinch both edges together while fanning out the rest of the paper so you have a semicircle.Charger 5
Trim any edges and the glued part a little flatter so it is more in line with the height of the other folds.
Repeat with the other paper so you have 2 semicircles.Charger 6
Hot glue along the length of one semicircle and press the 2 semicircles together.
Flip one under the other and trim edges even. (Mine aren’t trimmed yet in this picture.)Charger 7
Cut 2 circles (about 4-5 inches in diameter) out of cardstock.Charger 8
Hot glue a cardstock circle to the center of the ruffled paper.Charger 9
Flip the ruffled paper over and hot glue the other circle to the back of the ruffled paper.Charger 10
Those circles make the charger much sturdier—you will be surprised—so don’t skip that part.
Finished!Charger 11
Set your table with a little extra flair and enjoy Mother’s Day!Charger 12
Thanks, Dawn for having me as a guest on your fun blog!
I hope you will all stop by she wears flowers and see what I have been crafting up lately!



  1. says

    WOW!…that’s a great idea,look at the possibilities!One could make/change placemats as quick as you can change into a wonderful WWWW!
    Going over to check out Tammy’s blog.

    I’m having “b”runch in the “b”edroom.

  2. says

    These ruffled chargers are such a great idea! I love chargers, but they are usually too $$$ for my budget. I’ll have to try these. And I’m now your new follower. Time to scroll through your ideas!

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