What I Wore Wednesday

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Tan Dress – Peebles
Denim Jacket – Coldwater Creek
Black Scarf – TJMaxx
Flower Pin – Made by me
Tights – Walmart
Black Bag – Miche
Brown Shoes – Clarks
Ring – Forever 21
Earrings – Made by me

Dress – Thrifted
White Button Down – Fashion Bug
Green Cardigan – Target
Flower Pin – Kohls
Black Belt – Dress Barn
Tights – Spanx
Green Bag – Miche
Black Suede Boots – Target
Ring – Walmart
Earrings – Target

Black Turtleneck – Macys
Black Jacket – Thrifted
Grey Ruffle Skirt – Garnett Hill
Tights – Target
Blue Ruffle Scarf – made by my Bloggie friend Carolyn
Flower Pin – Made by me
Black Bag – Miche
Black Suede Boots – Target
Necklace and Earrings – Made by me
Ring – Walmart

Dress – Target
Striped T – Target
Denim Jacket – Coldwater Creek
Flower Pin – Made by me
Tights – Target
Black Suede Boots – Target
Black Bag – Miche
Necklace – Kohls
Rings – Walmart

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  1. says

    You look fantastic! I love the black boots from Target! I’ll have to look for those next time I’m there!
    Have a wonderful day!

  2. says

    Hey girl I went scarff shopping at a cash and carry for retailers, got 10 scarffs and didn’t pay more than $5 bucks for any of them…you so inspired me! Also just letting you know I passed on an award to you, check out my blog if you get time!

  3. says

    That green sweater looks so good on you. And I love you new gifted scarf. (My package has not yet arrived; but I’ve got my fingers crossed for soon.)

  4. says

    Another great week of outfits, the first one is my favorite, and I love your hair like that, it looks great!!

  5. says

    Your hair looks rockin’!

    Love the green cardigan and black/white dress outfit. Super pretty.

  6. says

    Hey there Dawn. You look so great all bundled up in your Fall outfits! I love your hair, it is looking completely different now, and so versatile! Your scarves are great, and I can’t wait to wear mine again! We are a wee bit off for tights and scarves and my fav the cowl necks!
    Have a great rest of the week!

  7. says

    polka dots w/ green i love!

    you are brave at mixing patterns. i need to brave up!

  8. says

    Dawn, once again you amaze me. Lookin’ fantastic as always! I couldn’t pick a favorite this week.. love them all. I always think when I see your outfits and note how beautifully they’re put together – I do have similar pieces to a few of yours. I need to be more brave and creative. Thank you as always for the inspiration and the great pics of the accessories too! have a wonderful Wednesday ๐Ÿ™‚ -Tammy

  9. says

    Fabulous outfits this week, dear lady, I love them all! You are so creative. The black and white dress with the green dress is so pretty!
    Have a lovely day!

  10. says

    My favorite outfit is the one where you are wearing that blue scarf! So pretty! You amaze me with your ability to accessorize so beautifully. I usually don’t take the time to do that unless it’s an event!

  11. says

    I really had a hard time choosing which outfit I liked best! But the black and white dress accented with your green sweater was the winner.
    However, on you, that blue scarf really brings out the blue in your eyes!

  12. says

    I’m so in love with everything this week! I don’t even know what to say. Each outfit is absolutely beautiful. You have been one stylish lady lately friend ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. says

    All of your cold weather outfits look great this week. My blue scarf really pops with the black and browns, wear it in good health and enjoy the warmth it will bring.

  14. says

    Girl…(Usin’ my best Billy Chrystal voice)…you look M-a-R-v-E-l-O-u-S!!!!

    I shopped last year for a pair of black and a pair of brown shoes. I scored the black from Clarks. I’ve got to have me some of those magnificent brown Clarks!!!

    God bless ya sweetie and have a beautiful day!!! :o)

  15. says

    Wow – I lurve the tan dress, you look great and so chic in it! And hey, your hair is looking fabulous – congrats. Hugs, Lola

  16. says

    Just LOVE your style! I showed my mom your hairstyle- because I’ve been looking for a change. Went to the beauty shop and was able to get a (bit) longer version. You always look so put together!

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