First Snow of the Season

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We had our first significant snow of the year and I decided to share some photos from my morning walk.
 It was a very wet heavy snow and it clung to everything weighting down the trees.
It was even sticking to the sides of trees.
It was 24 degrees without a breeze, great weather for a walk.
And off in the distance the warm cabin awaiting my return.
Thanks for joining me on my snow covered walk.



  1. says

    Dawn, that was beautiful! Makes me miss living in Ohio (not really). We are having a chili morning here also, 40 degrees right now. But it will make it to 70 by this afternoon. I am excited to have cool morning so I can wear my scarfs. Happy Thursday and have a great day.

  2. says

    WOW, what a difference a few miles can make Dawn. We had high forties and a beautiful sunny day when you got all that snow. Your pictures are breathtaking, I especially love the two of the interior of the woods. Thanks for sharing and keep that snow down there!

  3. says

    Beautiful! After a walk through the snow I’d head straight for the fireplace.

  4. says

    The first snow of the season is always the most beautiful!!

  5. says

    I just love the first snowfall. Not the ones where it’s mixed with rain and it sticks for an half an hour but, the first good hardy snow that blankets everything and is pure. Thanks for this post very beautiful.

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    Dawn, it is so beautiful!!! Do you continue to walk even in the winter months? You have some pretty cold temps out there!!!

  7. Anonymous says

    Beautiful! Thank you for sharing!


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    I’m soooooo jealous! I love snow, especially at Christmas time. If we had that much snow here in central VA, the whole town would shut down!! That’s quite a bit you have there but OH so beautiful! Thanks for sharing!

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    Oh my goodness! Your surroundings are just breathtaking. I can only imagine how quiet it must be around you except for the sound of falling snow. We don’t get much snow where I live and I always notice how it muffles all the noise around. I love that. Your cabin is just beautiful sitting amongst the snow. I hope we’ll get some this Winter.

  10. says

    So beautiful! Don’t you love it when it snows one day and the next the sun shines brilliantly! Nothing prettier and your photos are great.
    Hugs, Cindy

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    What beautiful photos! I felt like I had gone on the walk with you. We don’t get much snow in South Carolina, so we love it when we do. Last year we got lucky and had 2 snowstorms. Of course, you would probably just think it was a “dusting!”

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    Thanks for taking us along on your walk (we have had sooo much rain this week.) It may be tons of snow but the photos are post card perfect! What beautiful scenery you are blessed with.

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    I always love the snow covered landscape… so much better than brown! Thanks for stopping by!
    Have a great week!

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