What I Wore Wednesday

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It has been a crazy, busy week so not as many photos as usual.  The day I have the crazy hat on, I was going out to cut down a Christmas tree.
Dress – Target
Slip – Etsy
Denim Jacket – Coldwater Creek
Black Turtleneck – Macys
Fower Pin – Made by me
Tights – Target
Boot Socks – Claires
Boots – Target
Belt – Fossil
Earrings – Made by me
Ring – Walmart
Skirt – Garnet Hill
Off White Turtleneck – Target
Tan Jacket – Coldwater Creek
Flower Pin – Made by me
Scarf – Claires
Belt – Fossil
Tights – Macys
Boots – Target
Earrings – Made by me
Ring – Gifted by my Mom

Dress – Romans
Black Turtleneck – Macys
Jeans – Macys
Denim Jacket – Coldwater Creek
Flower Pins – Made by me
Purple Boots – Romans
Earrings and Ring – Forever 21
Off White Turtleneck – Target
Jeans – Macys
Scarf – TJMaxx
Sweater – Target
Hat – Ski Shop
Flower Pin – Made by me
Boots – Target
Earrings – Walmart
Ring – Pier 1

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  1. says

    I’m quite smitten with that beautiful scarf sister.

    If ya ever tire of it….’just sayin’!!!


    Girl, ya look marvelous. Now did ya cut down your tree with style??? :o)

    God bless ya and have an incredible day sweetie!!!

  2. says

    It looks like you are wearing the hat that is hanging on your wall, just the way you are standing in front of it. Love your hair up! Love all of the scarves, as long as we are asking if you ever get tired of the white Target one, it could find a good home with me.. Cute outfits this week, you are rocking those dresses

  3. says

    Hi Dawn!
    Get out of town. You look SO cute in every single picture.
    Love all your fun accessories!
    The last scarf is my favorite!

  4. says

    Hi Dawn. You are more and more bundled up with each week! Love it. I am living in my boots this year. I have several pair, and they are all so comfy. I also like to double up, even triple up sometimes, on my Bloomie’s!
    You are looking Tre chic!!!
    XO Kris

  5. says

    Love me some Garnet Hill! Such a great skirt on you. Love your awesome hat too. Perfect for cutting down the tree.

  6. says

    I love the crazy hat, as you put it! I’m a hat gal myself, and this one suits you perfectly. (Not to say that you’re crazy! Those were your words, not mine!)

  7. says

    Very cute as always, I love all your boots!!! The hat, I love, my daughter would love it too; she loves the pigtail hats! By the way, you look awesome going out to cut the tree!

    Take care and stay warm!

  8. says

    As always.. adorable ensembles, girl! And I loooove your hat (your flower pin that you made just seals the deal!). Super fantastic dresser, you are. Thanks for inspiring 🙂 -Tammy

  9. says

    I love how you can put on a dress and still look warm! Love all your flower pins, but who would have thought to put one on your hat but you. Sooo cute!

  10. says

    I always enjoy seeing what you are wearing. You have such a creative eye for putting things together. My big issue with clothing right now, seems to be that I’m in total denial that I’m almost 63 & the outfits that appeal to me are probably way to young. Argh…..!
    xo, CAS

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