Spring Mantel

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Did a little sprucing up on the mantel for Spring. Wow, just giving it a good dusting made a big improvement.
 Anyone who has been a long time follower knows I like to work with things I already have on hand. I think the biggest issue for me is I don’t like a bunch of stuff that I have to store.
So, if I use everyday items I normally like it and can reuse things in other ways.
The framed puzzle has special meaning to me it’s something my Mom and Grandma worked on together.  They new the print of the old barn was something I would love and cherish.
 All the items make me happy and long for Spring.



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    Dawn- I love your mantle and I think the most special thing on it is that puzzle. Every once in a while I see one framed in a thrift store and I always want to pick it up and take it home because I figure it was a labor of love for someone. Happy Monday- xo Diana

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    That puzzle totally pulled me in. I love the print. Then when you said it was special to you it made it even better! I love how you used things you had and combined them to say Spring. The yellow tool box(?) is a wonderful piece and you accented it perfectly.

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    That’s what it’s all about. Surrounding yourself with things that make you smile. It looks awesome and I love the idea of that puzzle. An heirloom for sure.

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    Nice, light & airy! (I’m going to give that “dusting” a try, too!)

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    Hi Dawn. Love the new fresh look. I try to do the same, using things I already have. But of course I sometimes have to buy something new that is just right too!
    Hey, is that your son in the photo? You never post pics of the fellas.
    He is a handsome boy…man/child!!

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    You photos are bright and crisp and colorful. Pretty…. and I didn’t see one speck of dust.


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    I love the mantel. That yellow tool box has always been my favorite the blue jars are always beautiful!


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    Beautiful Dawn, and beautiful photo! Spring colors look perfect in your home. Then again, you have one of those seasonal homes that each change looks pretty.

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    Your mantel looks wonderful and the puzzle is very sweet. You do such a nice job arranging all of your pretty things!

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    Beautiful mantel! I love that you used what you had on hand and I love the colors.

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    I’m totally longing for Spring too! Looks like this week in KY it’ going to feel more like summer than Spring though. The temps are supposed to hit 80 degrees. I’ll take it!

    Your decorating is always so simple and beautiful. Your truly gifted in the way you put things together.

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    Your mantel looks wonderful and I’m coveting your tool box up there! 🙂
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia 😉

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    The blue Ball jars in the yellow tool box are so pretty. I love your jigsaw puzzle that was put together by your mom and your your grandmother! How interesting and special.

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    I think it looks perfect in your log home. The puzzle is such a treasure.

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    Beautiful mantel. I especially love the framed puzzle…great way to store and display a “memory”. Stopping by from Fox Hollow Cottage’s Spring Mantel party.


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    Love all the different textures you used in your display as well as meaningful and unique items.
    Mary Alice

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    I love your mantel. You’ve really put together a pretty vignette.
    Love the blooms.
    Be a sweetie,
    shelia 😉

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    What a great mantle. I love the colors and especially the flowers! Spring abounds on your beautiful mantle!

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    Love those blossoms…and that puzzle caught my eye. Made it even nicer hearing the memories that went with it. I like the look of your mantel: very pretty and cozy!!

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    Your mantel is beautiful! I’m all about using what I have on hand. I tend to just shuffle things around and then have a few seasonal items that I store. My mantel is blue and yellow too! I love the old yellow tool box!!!

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    Hey Dawn! I love your Spring mantle. And I agree – I don’t like to have to store a lot of stuff either. I almost never change out my mantle, except at Christmas time. I’m boring like that. LOL! I love those black eyed susans! Wherever did you find such realistic stems??

  22. Anonymous says

    This is my first visit but I’ll be back because I, too, like to shop my own house and mix it up a bit. Your mantle is very sweet, love aqua ball jars and the tool bucket is great. My favorite is, of course, the puzzle as it holds such warm thought of your mamma and granmama! Plus the subject of the photo and so much texture from the prices…great. I might suggest a slight dry brush technique of turquoise/green to bring out the barn color even more.

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