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    I just love the red bud tree. I have always wanted to have one of those; they are so pretty. The flowering trees around here are so pretty too.

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    I loved seeing all the beautiful spring blooming trees in your post! Our trees finIshed blooming several weeks ago. I did see a few magnolias starting to bloom today .

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    All of those blooming trees are just gorgeous! We had our bloom period about a month ago due to the unusual warm weather that we had. Today, though, it is cold in SC!

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    Very beautiful! Love the flowering trees you have up there.

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    Gorgeous shots Dawn! We had a red bud but last year we had a bad wind storm come thru and it snapped it right in half. I loved that tree. Have a Happy Easter!

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    Oh that weeping cheery is so gorgeous. I have never seen one. We don’t have many of those trees here in our climate. Just a wonderful Easter gift.

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    Thank you for sharing such beautiful trees- nothing like this site to remind us Spring is here!

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    So beautiful- LOVE the tulip tree!
    Happy Easter Friend 🙂

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    These trees are amazing, nothing is blooming here, it is too early, however trees and perennials are a month early but with a looming 25 degrees in the forecast I am not sure how they will fare!

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