Faux Apple Blossom Branches

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I love the look of Apple Blossom Branches shooting from a large vase, but the blooms just don’t last very long.  
I thought faux blooms could look as beautiful so here’s what I did.
Find a tree branch the size you like.
 1.  Cut pink tissue paper into 2X2 squares
2. Use two of the squares placed like a star
3. Pinch at the center
4. Make several bloom and hot glue them randomly to the branch.
This would also work using bright yellow tissue paper for faux forsythia branches or any flowering tree.
Can’t you just smell there delicious aroma?? 



  1. says

    I love how you made the blossoms with square tissue paper! I’ve been wanting to make cherry blossoms, but most tutorials say to cut flower shapes from tissue paper. That’s too much work, I think! But layering two squares like you did, that’s GENIUS! Thank you for sharing! It’s beautiful!!

  2. says

    Well, How cute is that!!! I love it and it WOULD be cute in the yellow, too! xo Diana

  3. says

    I thought those blooms were real! I love the way the branches lean into your clear bowl. Really pretty. Thanks for linking to our Bunny Blog Hop. I really appreciate it. Happy Easter to you and your family…Ann

  4. says

    I love this idea. I have been using real branches and what a mess!! This is the perfect solution… and so easy! Thanks for sharing the tute!

  5. says

    they really do look real. i love it. great idea. hopped over thanks, to the bunny blog hop. take care. (:

  6. says

    My goodness, I would have thought they were real. What a cute and clever project. Might have to borrow your idea. :0)

  7. says

    I’m so grad you posted this. I have some bare branches in a vase that I’ve been wanting to do something with and what your did is perfect. They really look pretty! Stopping by from Wow Us Wednesday.

  8. says

    Why, yes, I do believe that I can smell their wonderful fragrance all the way here!Beautiful, Dawn!

  9. says

    Can’t wait to try this! They look so real and I always have plenty of branches in the yard 🙂

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