Poison Ivy Home Remedy Cure

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Poison Ivy Cure
It’s that time of year again when the poison ivy is out in full force and waiting for a new victim.
Why is the victim always me??
I started using a push lawn mower for exercise and must have walked through the stuff.  The oils off my shoes must have transferred to legs.
I hate taking any kind of medication especially the steroids the doc prescribe for poison ivy, so I was in search of a natural remedy to cure the ivy.
I have found it and it works great.
  1. Wash the affected area with Fels Naptha or Dawn Dish soap.
  2. Pat dry (and then put the towel into the wash, do not reuse).
  3. Apply any kind of stick deodorant to the ivy blisters.
It takes about 3 days of applying the deodorant before the blisters are dried up.
Be diligent in applying the deodorant.  I do it at least 4 times a day for the first 3 days.  Then I continue to apply for 3 days more once in the morning and once in the evening. This method works just as good as a prescription, and most people have all the items on hand and can start using them right away.
Ahhhh relief, no more itching:)Linking up with




  1. says

    Oh no, you poor thing! I have a good friend in Jersey who gets it bad every year. I am going to forward this info to her right now. Glad you are better. Ugh!!!!
    XO Kris

  2. says

    Thanks for sharing this, Dawn. One of my nephews, gets it every year, so I’ll be sure to pass this information on to him.

  3. says

    Well, I have never heard of this method. Glad you shared it just in case. I am highly allergic to the stuff. I usually have to get a shot. Hubby can probably play in the stuff and not get one bump.

  4. says

    What a great tip…definitely new info to me 🙂

  5. says

    Oh, you poor thing! I haven’t had it since I was a kid living in Oregon. My dad was burning it on some property we had, & I literally swelled up – face, eyes, my whole 13 year old body. I was one sick kid with a profound determination not to EVER come in contact with any of that stuff again! I don’t even know if they have poison oak in AZ, but for sure not anywhere I plan on being. I do have a question about your remedy (just curious). Do you use something to clean off the deodorant stick between applications? You know, because that stuff spreads so easily.

  6. says

    Hi Dawn,

    I feel for ya. I’m one of the lucky ones that never gets it. My husband just has to look at it and he is covered in it. Thanks for the remedy!


  7. says

    Oh I need this! Thank you. Pinning it:) I hope you are better now. Just curious, as I always am :), should we cut away the part of the stick that has touched the oils, or does it not matter?

  8. says

    Usually if you wash right away with the Dawn detergent you will not even break out. It is good to know about the deodorant in case you do though.

  9. says

    Dawn, you are my best friend today 🙂 Thank you!! I think I will pin as well. All items I have on hand too! Hooray.. you are the best! -Tammy

  10. says

    I’m going to give this a try for sure as someone is constantly getting into poison ivy around here now that it’s nice outside. Can’t imagine anyone reusing the arm deodorant under their arms after using it for this cure. lol (grin)Now that would be bad.
    Seriously thanks for this tip!!

  11. says

    I am highly allergic to PI and am so glad to read this home remedy. I hope I don’t have to use it this summer, but I’m going to have what I need ready, just in case.

  12. says

    What a great tip! I just shared it with my husband who seems to get poison ivy all the time too. Thanks for sharing!

    • Sabrina says

      The Fels-Naptha soap works great. I have used it since the early 60’s. After you have been out in the woods or know you have been around poison ivy, wash any exposed skin with this soap as soon as you can. This will prevent you from getting the poison ivy.

  13. Anonymous says

    Have read that some folks keep a lemon in their pocket when out in the woods, to apply right away when they realize they have gotten into the stuff…and it is said to break up the oils from the plant and help also. I have not tried this…so have no idea if it works. I appreciate your sharing this cure too…good idea to have such things on hand.

  14. says

    Well, I’m willing to try anything right now. This is my first time getting poison ivy and I am just covered. Thanks for letting me know Dawn!


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