Wildflower Centerpiece #2

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The wildflower centerpiece for this week is
“Sweet Pea”
 Another beauty that grows in my neck of the woods.
 It grows just like edible peas, with all the climbing ability.
 I used a large cookie jar as a vase to accommodate all the thick stems and vines.
I’m so lucky to have an abundant selection of flowers all Summer long. 
Stop in next week and see another wildflower centerpiece and if you missed week #1 click HERE.



  1. says

    I adore sweet peas! They remind me of my Aunt Connie. I bought a pack, but haven’t planted them!!!
    SO pretty.

  2. says

    isn’t it so fun to be able to pick flowers from your yard whenever?! i have some new gardens this year and have been clipping what I can to bring indoors and plunk in a mason jar. your photos are beautiful and love that used a cookie jar for the pretty sweet peas!

  3. says

    your flowers look so beautiful!! I love them in the glass cookie jar. Beautiful photos too!


  4. says

    I want some sweet pea! It is so pretty! Wild? Really?

  5. says

    Those curly tendrils and beautiful purple blooms are so romantic. Now I’ll be keeping an eye for these on the side of the road. 🙂 I definitely have no problem stopping and picking random roadside flowers out here in the country! Great arrangement, Dawn!

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