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    Hi Dawn. I was looking at your photos in the last few posts and they are really beautiful. you are really getting the hang of the camera. love them. hope your plants survive the heat. cheers

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    Canceled our daytrip plans. Tthe 102 degree temps are playing havoc with my hubby’s COPD and the meds I take. Keep COOL. Hope your plants survive. My basil did not make it outside.

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    I only go to the garden first thing in the morning, before the sun is on that side of the house. We actually had to put a sunshade over the tomatoes and peppers so they wouldn’t cook on the vine….lol! Have a great weekend, Dawn!

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    I don’t fare well in the heat. I am rather a wuss. My body rebels mightily against me and I end up staying indoors mostly.

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    It is just crazy hot here in central Missouri. We are worried about our pasture’s and our cows having something to eat. We are praying for some rain.

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    You have that high humidity that would do me in! We are enjoying wonderfully cool temps here in the mountains!!!!
    Hope it cools soon for you.
    XO Kris

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    Hanging in the AC and basement where it is cool. Do you know if the yellow peppers will be yellow on the plant, or do I pick them and they yellow as they set? I thought I bought yellow pepper plants, but this pepper is a nice size but very green.

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    All my plants are struggling. Hosta are burnt a light brown. No amount of watering can prevent that. Hope your garden fared better than mine…Ann

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