Crazy Cosmos

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I have crazy, out of control, cosmos in my garden this year.
My veggies sure didn’t do as well as my flowers but I think I know why.
Not only did we have no rain, but I think all my beautiful blooms were getting all the sun and my veggies suffered.
I decided to give the cosmos a cutting right down to the ground.
ย I hated to put them all in the compost bin, so I brought them inside and we now have cosmos everywhere.
Next year I won’t seed the flowers so heavily.ย  Don’t get me wrong I love all the blooms, but would also like to be rewarded with some veggies.




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    HI Dawn! Oh, I just love Cosmos and haven’t had any in such a long time. Beautiful snaps!
    Be a sweetie,
    shelia ๐Ÿ˜‰

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    Hi Dawn,

    I miss your What I Wore Wednesday postings. Maybe when the weather cools down, you’ll resume doing so. I do enjoy seeing your wildflowers.

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    Hello from Oregon!

    First of all I just love your blog, your house, your style, your flowers, just everything!

    I also love Cosmos, they so remind me of my Mom. She always had them in her garden. I have never planted them…so maybe next year. You have encouraged me.

    I’m looking forward to your fall postings.

    Happy days,


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    These are beautiful. I am just crazy for these flowers.

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    I guess if you have to have something out of control in the garden, it’s nice if it is so pretty! Jean

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    Dawn you know what a green thumb I have,NOT!!!…but I actually can grow cosmos,I have some but they sure didn’t bloom like yours,these are amazing.

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    COSMOS..Oh I will take some of them for you.. ๐Ÿ™‚ They are GORGEOUS!!! Your table is always so very inviting.

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    Oh my…your Cosmos is so pretty!! They look great in the tin bucket. What a beautiful table setting!!

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    I’m envious! I used to Cosmos in California – this year I planted some seeds here in NY and only one plant came up – still no bloom. Ah, well. Yours are beautiful!

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    Well if something overtakes your veggies let it be flowers rather than weeds. What a fresh arrangement with your metal bucket Dawn, so purposeful without being staged. Love the color.

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    Wow, these are just stunning. I’m checking to see if those will grow here. I am sorry your veggies didn’t do so well. I remember that you had big plans for doing lots of canning.


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