End of the Garden

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We had a light frost here last night so Hubby and I decided to rip up the garden.
It seemed a shame to throw out all those beautiful blooms, but some were brown where the frost hit and I hate waiting until they get all slimy from a deep frost.  At this stage they are much easier to work with.
So out it all came.  We did leave the tomatoes they can be covered at night.
We harvested what was left.  Lots of sunflowers, a few carrots, one more serving of beans and a weeks worth of potatoes.
Good by Summer, hello Fall I mean Winter.  We seem to have skipped over Fall here.
Anyone else get last nights frost?



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    Oh no Frost! Wow, I wouldn’t want to miss Fall. How do you do it? The flowers looked lovely in the big machinery bucket. I am ready to rip out my garden. I want to clean it up, but I still have some good flowers and no frost.

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    Well, I hate to see those blooms go too. But I hear ya. And winter? You are the second person in blogland today to have said they were skipping Fall and heading straight into winter. Yikes!!
    XO Kris

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    Just fall here but I am in flannel pjs which in Georgia this early is quite odd. Stay warm:}

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    We hovered night before last. We were close to freezing, but whew.. missed us so far. But yah.. it’s inevitable 🙂 I have to say that’s the prettiest “garden waste” I have ever seen! You’ll get Fall, I am sure of it! -Tammy

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    Ha! The closest we got was a temp of 78 for our 6:30 walk. Believe me, I am not complaining!


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    Frost?? I just made pumpkin bread and had to turn the air down because the house is so hot.

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