Sunflower Glasses

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Do you remember the sunflower glasses that I found while out thrifting?
Well, I decided the two I found just wouldn’t do, I needed a complete set.  I was pondering what my odds would be just stumbling across more, and decided not to good.
So what’s a girl to do???
You guessed it, head on over to Etsy and Ebay.
That’s exactly what I did and purchased six more Sunflower Glasses.
I now have eight and I think that will do for now.
Does that ever happen to you?  You find a great item and have to a search to complete your set?



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    Dawn, I have been collecting vintage jelly glasses to finish out an old wire carrier. I needed 8 and I only had seven for almost a year and then I spotted one at the Salvation Army. I would have paid 10 times the $1 cost just to have it complete! Great post, Jean

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    yes is part of the fun in collecting…….i have the poinsetta’s juice and water glasses and have had some odd and end pieces but never had the sunflower love em!!

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    Great idea Dawn! It’s amazing what you can find on Etsy and Ebay. I love your tablescape. My mother also has the beautiful glasses 🙂


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    I’m so glad you were able to complete your set.
    Now you can use them in a practical way, as well as for a cheery tablescape!

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    So glad that you found more glasses to complete your set. Many years ago, my MIL gave me a 4 piece set of dishes for Christmas and wanted to give me another set for my birthday, but they were discontinued. It took me years of hunting…but now I have enough of them for when the whole family comes over.
    Have a great weekend.

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    Love them! I need to do that to search for some of the my pieces I love!!
    XO Kris

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    Dawn did I tell you that sunflowers is one of my favorites, I love these sunflower glasses and I really love those big beautiful sunflowers,your tablescapes makes me smile!!!

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    Love them! So cheerful. I have I think 2 of the green salad plates from Pier 1. Should have gotten more. Hindsight…

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    Great find…I know what you mean about wanting more. I have to hold myself back sometimes. :o) It’s beautiful here today…hope it is where you are. Enjoy the rest of the weekend!

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    Those are so cheerful Glad you were able to complete your set. Bring them out this winter when it is cold and gloomy and you will have a real touch of summer.


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