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    Dawn…that is AWESOME!!!! You look adorable!!!!!
    xo Kris

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    What I was trying to say is that you are the most adorable witch I’ve ever seen.

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    Is it Dorothy or the Wicked Witch? Or Dorothy grown up to become a Wicked Witch With Red Shoes? LOL – however, great costume!!!!

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    Great costume! Love that you put it together on your own too.

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    What a great way to put your closet together for Halloween! Why didn’t I think of this? All those dance recital tutus?! Kudos!

    Happy Halloween! Stopping by from the link ups!
    Understated Classics

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    you are the cutest witch ever, love the costume!!

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    Love it! Striped socks & red shoes = the wicked witch Dorothy gets her slippers from? 🙂

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    SO fun-and I LOVE those shoes! I actually have similar ones. They are my faves.

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    Adorably perfect witch costume…so charming, you look great!!!

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