Finding the Perfect Christmas Tree

The perfect tree has been found!
Sunday was the day we all agreed we could make time to go cut down a Christmas Tree.
Wouldn’t you know it, Hubby was sick.  So the boys and I decided to do it on our own before the forest was picked over.
We loaded up in the truck and went to our local tree grower.  After walking forever we finally spotted the perfect tree, right at the beginning where we started.  Why does that always happen?  I think if I keep walking a better one will come along.
The boys cut it down and lugged it out of the woods.  We all got a good laugh about how much tee stuck out of the truck bed.
This years tree is a 30ft tree (but will have to be trimmed down to fit into the house)  I will use the trimmed portion to make some wreaths.
Now here is the amazing part, the tree was only $35.  Can you believe that?
Guess it pays to shop local.  I have used the same place for a couple of years now and tell them every year that they are not charging enough, but they insist that it’s plenty.  They even gave the boys candy canes.
Stop back by and see the tree in the Cabin and decorated.



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  1. says

    30 feet for $35 is a steal! Small trees are $50 plus around here. And when we used to live in Dallas, TX, the scrawniest, driest trees were so expensive. How magical to cut a tree while it is snowing! “Before the forest is picked over” – lol!

  2. says

    Wow…..That would be unheard of here!! A tree that size would cost hundreds!!! It might pay to drive to your area!!! Ha ha!!
    GREAT photos……
    xo Kris

  3. says

    Wow…that is a tall tree!! It sure is a pretty one! What a great deal you got…or should I say a steal!! Around here they would be a lot more. Can’t wait to see it when you are all done decorating it.

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