Vintage Pyrex

 While out thrifting I ran across another Vintage Pyrex piece to add to my collection.

 This one is bright yellow with a sunflower on top.

 I remember my Mom having Pyrex in brown and green while I was growing up.  I wonder what ever happened to that stuff.  If our Mother’s only knew how sought after this dishware would become they would have handed it down to their daughters.

 Right now I have my collection in a cupboard.  I have been searching for 3 years for just the right corner hutch to use as a display area.  So far the perfect piece has not been found.

I will search a little longer and if nothing turns up, that strikes my fancy, I will have hubby make me one.
By the way I only paid $3 for my new piece and the money goes to hospice, couldn’t go to a better cause.
 How do you display your collections?
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    I have been using Pyrex since I was first married in 1957. My first piece was a Turquoise and White casserole dish. I still have it and use it almost every week. I have added a lot of pieces since then and could not imagine being without them. I love your yellow piece!!!!

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    Heck, I’m still using the pyrex I received for wedding gifts! Love your new sunflower one. There is an antique shop near here that has a pyrex museum with colors I’ve never seen before.

    • says

      Correction, the museum is within an art gallery (used to be in the antique store!). If you google Pyrex Museum, Bremerton, WA, you’ll pull up some info and photos. Thought you may like to see them.

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    Oh my you have one amazing Pyrex collection … you must be thrilled with your new yellow piece! I only have three pieces as I just started collecting, and they sit on the buffet in the dining room, looking absolutely gorgeous. If I find more at the thrift stores, I will have to have a dedicated cabinet for them, too. Hope you find one you like soon! Thanks for sharing your Pyrex with us, I found your link at Claudia’s Favorite Thing party. Mary

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    I’m so glad you joined in this week, Dawn! I’m jealous of your Pyrex collection. I’ve been looking at all the vintage pyrex out there in blogland and must admit that I’m thinking of starting a collection! But where to put it????


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    Hi Dawn!

    I always love to see the bright vintage Pyrex on blogs. I haven’t any more room for starting a new collection so I get my “fix” from others :)

    xoxo Bunny Jean

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    Hi Dawn,
    What a terrific collection! I love the separated Pyrex vegetable dishes and have started collecting those. I see you have a couple in your picture. They are so cute on the table. Visiting from A Favorite Thing Saturday and am your newest follower. Please stop by Still Woods Farmhouse for a visit!

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    Yep, deep regrets! I received several pieces of Pyrex as shower and wedding presents (including the sunflower casserole), but do not have a single piece left. Sigh, oh well!

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