After Christmas Thoughts

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I have been working all day taking down Christmas decorations.
The take down process isn’t nearly as fun as the decorating process.
I am so ready to be done with it all, sweep up the pine needles and
move on to something else.
Now I just hope I find some material to blog about.
Anyone else feel like blogging will be hard to top after all
the beautiful Christmas posts we saw? 



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    Lovely photos. I stopped by a local antique place today and picked up another aqua jar and a rolling pin. It was a bit of me time and the prices always make me appreciate my collections so much more (they did have 25% off though.) Our decor is still up but I am gathering things as I move about. I am itching to get started on some paint projects (two bathrooms, a buffet and hutch and a stairwell) but not motivated to start yet.

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    Can’t wait to see what 2013 brings Dawn, we’ll be leaving on vacation shortly so I won’t get any projects going until February. I’ll plan to enjoy your projects for the next month so get crackin girl.

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    I love the picture of the jars. i took all of my decorations own yesterday. It is nice to have less stuff out now.
    Have a great day.

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    I need to find my blue jars. They are packed away, what I have left. I gave most away when we moved from the farm.

    I started taking down Christmas yesterday. I am going slow. I do little bits at a time, clearing the mantels and first and doing vignettes as I go. That way the house doesn’t have the empty after Christmas feel. I posted about one of the mantels today. Sort of keeps the creative juices flowing.

    I just took your tour at Debbie’s and absolutely loved it!

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    Dawn I really enjoyed the “tour of the cabin” feature @ Debbiedoo’s!

    I haven’t taken down Christmas yet…but it is sure on my mind,can’t decide to wait till new years day.

    And we need to start 2013 off with a big bang!…what can we do different and exciting?
    I’m game & up for anything!
    ~Jo @ LoblollyLane

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    Here’s a topic to consider! I never know what to do with my door/front porch after Christmas. I’m sure I don’t want to see Valentines stuff for another month but I love decorating for the seasons. I just never know what to do for winter.

    I’m waiting for my guys to go back to work next week before I take mine down – everyone out of the way is much less stressful.

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    I’m always stumped after taking all the Christmas stuff down! Your so right taking everything down isn’t fun at all! Have a wonderful New Year Dawn!

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    I did the same thing today Dawn! UGH!!
    XO Kris

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    I haven’t taken down a thing yet. I’m waiting until next week. I will need to clean at the same time and I’m just not up for that yet. :o) I’m thinking the same about post content. Not sure but hopefully inspiration will happen. I did go to my antique mall and had the best luck ever. I will be sharing some of that next week. Have a good Saturday!

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    I’m still taking Christmas stuff down and packing it away. The Man has been busy working on an outside project, so I’ve been on my own with the Christmas mess. That’s actually okay, because I have been really organizing all of it before it goes back into the overhead garage storage. You are definitely right, way more fun putting it up than taking it down.

    Everything is looking really bare, but I’m trying not to think about that until all the Christmas is put away. I am seriously stumped as to what I’m going to do, but sometimes it helps to just look at the bareness for awhile….lol!


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    I love your jars! I know after Christmas it’s hard to find things to blog about. It’s a new year and new projects will come along.Happy New Year.


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    I am hoping to finish up today. I love the new year to start with a clean house. NOw, what to blog about…hmmmmmm? Happy New Year!

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