I Have a new Hobby or is it an Addiction?

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The secrets out!!!
I have a new hobby or an addiction.GRANNY SQUARES

 I used to crochet as a kid with my Mom and haven’t done it in years.  My friend Kris makes some amazing things and she has inspired me to take it up again.  She gave me a quick lesson by text on what the different labels mean on the yarn, the weight and what hooks to use. 
Feeling pretty confident I headed to the library where I checked out several books,  next to Hobby Lobby to get some yarn and hooks.  Now I was ready to start.  
I have a love for granny squares and couldn’t wait to get started.  I quickly discovered I couldn’t read a pattern so YouTube here I come.  That was the answer, great tutorials and I could pause the video any time I needed to.
Any guesses on what these Granny Squares will be?
Stop in Friday for the answer.


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    I learned to crochet last fall and fell in love with crocheting Granny Squares. They are so easy and the results are endless. I really like your color scheme you have going on and I’m not sure what you are planning, but I’m sure it will look wonderful whatever it becomes!

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    I am so excited for you! I love to bring a friend to a hobby I so love!! And crochet and knitting to me, is therapy!!! You certainly never missed a beat, and your work is lovely. Since I know what the finished product will be, I shan’t say. But I can’t wait to see the big reveal. You will be obsessed, just like I am, me thinks!!!
    xo Kris

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    It is great you can crochet Dawn. CC and I tried to teach ourselves this past summer and we failed and it was pretty funny.

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    I learned to crochet as an 8 year old at our friends’ family campground where we camped for the whole summer for several years. I still love it to this day. Your squares are very pretty, and if you are not making an afghan (my first guess) I would say a table runner or bag.

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    So pretty, Dawn. I really want to learn to do that, but not until next year — heehee! Yes, I’ve already started using that phrase!


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    Hi Dawn! Good for your decided to crochet again. I love to crochet and have just finished an afghan and need to post about it soon. Now, let’s see – are you making an afghan? I love your squares and the colors are so pretty!!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia 😉

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