2nd Most Visited Post of 2012 – Concrete Countertops on a Budget

The Second Most visited post of 2012 our 
Concrete Counter Tops on a Budget!
Excuse the horrible photos taken with a phone.
“This Is How We Made Our Concrete Counter Tops
First we formed the counter top out of plywood.  The plywood will stay under the concrete forever.  This is a pour in place method.

Tape off all the cupboards underneath with plastic.  This is a very messy job, and since we had the concrete company add black dye to the mix, it may stain the cabinets.

Pour the concrete into the plywood frame.  We had the concrete truck pull up to our front door, and we used a 5 gallon bucket to transport the concrete into the house. (At this point we only had plywood floors and didn’t have to worry about the mess.  Just wait for the concrete to dry and sweep it up.)  It took about 30 minutes to have it all in the frame. 

Hubby used his concrete tools to smooth the top of the concrete (who wants a bumpy counter top) and a vibrating tool to get any air bubbles worked out.  Vibrating is a must.  When the forms are removed from the edges you don’t want a honeycomb effect, you want a solid edge, and vibrating ensures that.
This is where the waiting game starts.
Everything is smooth and looks great.  Now we are patiently waiting for it to set up enough to pull the forms from the edges so they can be tooled, and made smooth.

Concrete is dry and all the form and plastic are removed.
At this point we wet sanded all the surfaces.

Here the edge of the sink was sanded to expose the stone.

Wait 30 days for the concrete to completely cure.
 Again tape off the cupboards and apply the sealer.

We used a roller to apply it and a heat gun to remove any air bubbles.

Once again we wet sanded the sealer to take away some of the shine.  It was like a looking glass before the sanding.

The look we wanted to achieve was more of a matte finish.

There you have it, how we saved big bucks.  This project cost $400.00. (This would have been a $7,000.00 project to have them precast.) Good thing I have a talented, hard working hubby. 

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  1. says

    Hi Dawn,

    I just found your blog! What a beautiful rustic log home you have! I’ve been browsing and enjoying! I love anything country and rustic. We hope to build a cabin in the near future, so I found you while browsing for ideas. Love your concrete countertops! I may be interested in that when the time comes!

    Anyway, had to stop by and tell you how much I enjoyed it!

    Happy New Year!


  2. says

    Love it! And so brave to trust that the cabinets would not get damaged! Handy husbands are wonderful!

    My floors are concrete. Years ago homes in our area were built this way and stained because it was cool and it hid dirt. Good thinking in the past! Someone in the late 60s or 70s came along and covered them up with vinyl, carpet, and ugly tile. We removed all that. Some rooms were in great condition, a couple less so.. So we picked a custom concrete paint color and then epoxy. Looks amazing for two rooms and garage for 300 dollars.

    And to think that people pay high dollar for concrete these days! It’s an awesome look.

  3. says

    Wow! This is great. They look amazing. I wonder if my husband could do this for me. I have title….someone help me! This looks fantastic! Great tutorial! I want these! Do you still love them?

  4. says

    I’ve always been amazed at the beauty of your concrete countertops. What an awesome choice for your “green” log home! I can’t imagine not having a talented — make that multi-talented — hubby. For us it means having some extra nice things that we would otherwise have to do without. We are lucky!


  5. kelly says

    Hi just wondering how your countertops look shiny we did concreate as well but isn’t shiny we also sealed what brand sealer did you use they look great!

    • says

      Jamie, its a designed mix. You can call your local concrete company and tell them the mix needs to be for countertops and they will design what you need. We also added the color to the mix to get black countertops.

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