Quilt Cabinet Makeover

With Christmas finally over, I can get back to my regular posts.
Right before Thanksgiving me and my Bestie spent the day junking and this is one of the treasures we picked up.
 I discovered I have a thing for 
vintage quilts and bedding in general
and needed a place to store my loot.  All the old quilts are so pretty, so
something with chicken wire doors was perfect.
So here she is before her makeover.  
I knew the hunter green from the 90′s had to go as well as the broken
glass in the window panes.

I got out my sprayer and gave the whole piece a 
coat of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in 
Country Grey.
 After that dried, I painted just the outside with
CeCe Caldwell Paint in Blue Montana Sky.
The girls over at Bungalow 47 gave me a sample to try. 
Hit it with a little wax and moved it into the loft.

Hubby was nice enough to add the chicken wire to the
doors for me.
Now I just stand back and look at all the colors in
the beautiful quilts.

I think this piece can be used in several location, and in several
ways in our home.

I think it’s a keeper! 

Just a reminder

 to set your DVR’s

Season 3 of Downton Abbey starts tonight!

And the winner of the Ramsign giveaway is Jennifer

 Congrats Jennifer!

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  1. says

    Your cabinet is wonderful. I love the idea of chicken wire. I live displays of quilts, but have nowhere to put a cabinet like that.

    I am seeing reference to Downton Abbey everywhere. We don’t own a TV so I have never watched it, but I think I need to start watching on Netflix. I read an article this morning in the local paper and I discovered it is created by Julian Fellowes who also wrote Gosford Park which is one of my favorites. And I love anything with Maggie Smith.

  2. says

    Just beautiful Dawn! The quilts look so pretty in it, I pinned the before and after pic to my board “Before and After”!
    I’m going to try again with Downtown Abbey, tried watching it in season 1 just didn’t grab me but with Shirley McClian in it now I’m going to watch again!

  3. says

    I have the same “thing” as you! I, however, still have no vintage quilts. I’m on the look-out though! Your cabinet is stunning. You are so good at picking and renovation it could be your business. “Dawn Cain Designs” or something like that…love it.

  4. Anonymous says

    I was recently given a 150yr old quilt that was made by my great-great grandmother. I treasure that quilt SOOO much! Right now it is hidden in a cabinet, but my mother gave me a quilt rack she found for $4 at the re-store. I am thinking that I may give it the “Annie Sloan” treatment and use it to PROUDLY display my quilt. Thanks for sharing, your blog is inspiring! -Leanne

  5. says

    I LOVE it! I wish I could find a piece like this.
    PS, I’ve already watched all of season 3 for Downton Abbey, my husband and I downloaded them. It is one of our favorite shows.

  6. says

    Wow, great transformation. I like that you kept a hint of the hunter green. Love the look of the chicken wire too. I have my dvr set for Downton! I can’t wait. I will watch it tomorrow morning when the kids go to school. I just love that show. I’m hoping it is so worth the wait. Have a great time tonight!


  7. says

    Dawn, I love the new look. I looked at some vintage quilts yesterday at a stop on our short road trip. They were all just too expensive for quilts that were falling apart so I will keep waiting for another bargain to show up.

  8. says

    Hi Daw…Oh, My goodness! Your quilt cupboard is gorgeous! It is so cottagey and you selected such a dreamy shade of blue.
    Thanks for the heads up on Downton Abbey!
    Blessings, my friend,
    Carolynn xxx

  9. says

    Dawn, this is truly a transformation of something someone might have tossed out. It looks fabulous, I love your choice of colors and the chicken wire just adds the element of fun to the piece. Congratulations on starting 2013 off with a complete makeover of an 90′s piece. Thanks for sharing.

  10. says

    Oh, I love the colors that you used, much better than the Hunter green. The cabinet turned out beautiful! All your quilts and bedding look like the perfect match. Visiting from Debbiedoo’s party and am now your newest follower. I hope you’ll come by for a visit too when you can.

  11. says

    I really love this little quilt cabinet and I’m jealous of all your lovely quilts too! The chicken wire is perfect. Thanks so much for sharing at Debbiedoo’s. Patti

  12. Anonymous says

    i love it. i wish i had one and i love quilt too. i have quilt that my grandma and great grandma made that i would love to do something like you did.ang

  13. Anonymous says

    Hello Dawn, I am so excited the winner is me. Thank you so much. Also as luck would have my husband cleared our emails yesterday so if you sent one he cleared what he didn’t recognize. So sorry. If nothing sent I will wait to hear. Thank you so much again it really makes my day. Love your quilts and shelves. You sure did a great job painting. Jennifer

  14. says

    The cabinet is gorgeous in grey/blue. I love the quilts and linens peeking out via the chicken wire. CC had me majorly distracted yesterday.

  15. says

    LOVE that makeover Dawn…..just my style, both the quilts and the cabinet. That’s what I need for my foyer area. Just told my hubby he needed to build me a cabinet there since I gave away my bench to my mother. Love the chicken wire on it! Perfect! :)

    Blessings to you in 2013!

  16. says

    What a beautiful cabinet. I also love old quilts, sheets, tablecloths, etc. I guess vintage linens as a whole. They are just beautiful.

    So nice visiting with you today.

    God bless, Amy

  17. says

    Hi Dawn,
    I was wondering if you got my email with the picture of an old quilt sign I have had floating around here that I thought you might like to go with your great cabinet. Did not hear back so was not sure if you got it. It needs a new home and I would be glad to ship it to you if you think it is something you can use. If it is too chippy shabby chic I undestand that’s ok too just thought I would offer it to you since you did such a great job on this cabinet.

  18. says

    Look just lovely! You did a great paint job!
    I have a similar cupboard for outdoor use. I keep gardening things inside. It used to be a rabbit hutch that we found in our barn when we moved here.

  19. says

    I love the way it turned out, Dawn! A great transformation. There’s nothing cheerier than seeing a stack of quilts, is there?

    Thanks so much for joining in this week!


  20. says

    Dawn, what a great piece! You made it so lovely! It is just perfect for your linens! I do love that chicken wire!:) Thank you for sharing this at Rustic Restorations Weekend!

  21. says

    I just found your blog thru google while looking for “vintage quilt china cabinets”. I have all of my vintage quilts stored in an old china cabinet right now and I LOVE the look. I have also been thinking about painting it. I would love your opinion in removing the glass. Do you think the older quilts need to breathe? I wonder if keeping them behind glass is bad for them in anyway.


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