Valentines Dinner Table – Farmhouse Style

Today I’s setting up a quick and easy table for Valentine’s Day! I didn’t want to purchase anything new, plus I like the things I already own. So what I came up with was a simple farmhouse style table, with vintage quilt and all. 

My Valentine’s table consists of a vintage red and white quilt and a combination of mason jars, red flatware, and white dinner plates. Everyone has these simple items in their kitchen and Valentines day doesn’t have to be fancy.
 I know you have all heard me say over and over again that I decorate with what I already have, and it’s true. I just cant comprehend buy new all the time and then having to find a place to store all that stuff. 
For me storing all those things seems like a waste of space, I would rather use the same items over again to make my table Valentine’s ready.
The red and white vintage quilt was picked up last summer while traveling the US12 garage sales.  It was raining hard and the lady just wanted to get rid of things.  I got such a great bargain I couldn’t pass it up.
Nothing says farmhouse Valentine like mason jars and
gingham napkins.
And for a little pop of color the blue jars do the trick.
 As a charger I am using my Target off white dinner plates and the white bowl and dinner plate are Corelle, yes I said Corelle.  Hope it’s not to tacky, but I like the look.
The salad plates are recycled glass and have a blue tint to them, just like the mason jars.  And to keep it all together I put it in a white serving dish along with the gravy boat.
The blue mason jars are resting in my bread server and I dropped tea lights into them for a little glow.
You can see the tea lights better here.
I am ready for a farmhouse Valentine’s dinner now.
To bad I will also be doing the cooking.
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  1. says

    Oh my gosh I love this. I love your use of red and that vintage quilt oh my!!!!! This is the prettiest valentine table scape I have seen. It is perfect decor for your cabin. I love the pop of blue with the mason jars. This is really gorgeous Dawn. Love it.

  2. says

    Hi Dawn! Oh, I jut love your Valentine tablescape! How smart to use the same items over again. The quilt really sets the scene and I love your photography! Gorgeous!
    Oh, the little houses are made from cardstock! I had so much fun making them. They’re really tiny.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  3. says

    All of my favorite things, in one vignette! The quilt is just wonderful, you seem to really score the lucky finds. I don’t think the corelle is tacky at all, have you seen the set with the red stripes? (I think Pat at BPM showed some at Christmas) Love it all!
    xo, Andrea

  4. says

    Your table would fit right in at my house. I love that red and white quilt. It is raining here today (not common in southern California) and my plan is to go up to the attic to find fabric for a patchwork quilt. Maybe I will make a tablecloth instead.

  5. says

    You did a great job using what you already have. So lucky that you grabbed that quilt! It’s gorgeous and everything looks pretty with a blue jar. :)

  6. says

    What time should I arrive? This is a perfect casual (my favorite) look for your log home. I’ll try and take inspiration to get one done right after I finish the vacation laundry.

  7. says

    Your table turned out to be so pretty. I love your quilt….I’ve been secretly wanting a red and white quilt. I saw one last summer and it hasn’t left my head yet.

  8. says

    So pretty, Dawn! The quilt is the perfect base for your red, white and aqua theme. I’m with Marsha, I have always wanted a red and white or blue and white quilt. One of each would be wonderful. The aqua jars are so pretty and I’m a fan of white china. I use and love my plain white Corelle too.

  9. says

    I love this look so much! O keep a file of favorite rooms, and one picture I have in my file is a pretty country library, and in the center of the room there is a small circular dining table, and it’s covered in bright quilt with mostly yellows. So pretty!

    I love the red and white on the table. It’s my favorite color combination!

    Linking from Debbiedoos,
    Ricki Jill

  10. says

    Your table looks wonderful, I love the simple red and white together with the blue mason jars. Simply lovely! What day of the week do you have your frugal decorating party? i wish to join but miss it every week.

  11. says

    I think with 3 guys in the house, Valentines Day is a great time for them to cook for you!
    Your table definitely is a reflection of your farm home living style. I love that you use what you have, but always come up with a new way of displaying your household ‘stuff’.

  12. says

    O’ Dawn this just makes me want to pull up a chair and eat some of your country cookin’,and maybe some sweet tea in a mason jar(I know how to do that all to well).The quilt with the pop of red just blast this into “READY FOR YOUR VALENTINES DAY” meal for the family….speaking of meal…WHAT’S COOKIN’????…

    And I wanted to tell you that your glassware sparkle sqeeky clean!

    nutn’ tacky here friend…love the white dishes and red flatware…PERFECT!
    ~Jo @ LoblollyLane
    Let’s partay!!

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