A Few Spring Changes

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 I made a few changes today trying to coax Spring into my neck of the woods.
Out came the Apple Blossoms…

And the slipcovers went from white to “Butter Yellow”

 A thrifted mans shirt and a vintage sheet became pillow covers…
I even brewed some iced green tea in attempt to make it feel more like Spring.
 I guess Mother Nature is not ready for Spring here:(
 We had snow again last night.






  1. says

    Hurry up Spring for Miss Dawn. Her place is looking way too pretty for you to be taking your sweet time!

  2. says

    Well it sure looks like spring with your beautiful changes and excellent photography ~ Hope it comes soon ~ MA is cold today ~ ^_^

  3. says

    Adorable. Where did you get the slip covers. Also love the vase.

  4. says

    I would just close the blinds and stay inside that beautiful home of yours. I love the new couch cover…my favorite colour.Your apple blossoms speak ‘Spring’ in that pretty vase. Deb

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    Love Love Love everything. The apple blossoms just say spring ~ I agree with Deb, stay indoors, close those curtains and enjoy your spring touches ~

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    Darn that snow ~ it needs to go away! It really looks like spring IN your house at least. Love your butter yellow slip covers and the apple blossoms are very pretty in your big jar!

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    So pretty! Hope Spring comes to you soon. ๐Ÿ™‚

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    Sorry about your snow.. we’ve had the cooler temps and rain but this weekend is pretty nice. I love this post.. of course. So Springy and pretty. I’ve missed my visits here – having CCC withdrawals, Dawn! I’ll have to catch up soon ๐Ÿ™‚ Have a wonderful Sunday, and hopefully this week will bring Spring. -Tammy

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    It is lookin good my friend. Let’s hope this craziness ends soon and we see some spring or summer. At least some warmth!!!!!

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    Hi Dawn, it has been very cold here, too. Can’t wait for the first 80 degree day! Your place looks nice and springy inside. Jean

  11. says

    The Apple blossoms and pastel colors look pretty springy to me! Now, if the weatherman would just cooperate!


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    Oh no more snow. We turned our a/c on today for the first time. Almost 90 here. Your house looks ready though and so pretty. Hope it gets there soon. Maybe this week.

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    What is it with this snow? We got warmer in KC but the forecast is calling for the “S” word later this upcoming week. Ugh! I hope you start to thaw out soon and enjoy some warmer temps!

    Jennifer @ Decorated Chaos

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    Spring won’t resist your pretty decor for long!

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    Oh my gosh…more snow???? It looks so pretty and Spring like in the cabin though!!! Soon it will come!!!
    xo Kris

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    Not more snow! Yikes! It does look like spring has arrived in your cabin. That image of the apple blossoms in the glass jug is incredible! So pretty! I’ve tried that iced green tea, too, and I’ll have to say it’s really good. Hope your snow melts quickly!

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    Snow again! Oh my, I wouldn’t be able to deal with it! It looks very pretty and spring like inside!

    My apple trees have already blossomed and my daffodils are done! I think we are on our way to an early summer in Atlanta!

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    Such pretty Spring details, it has to arrive “for real” soon!! It’s NOT Springy over here yet either. LOVE what you used to make your pillow covers!


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    Snow? Well, it sure doesn’t look like snow inside your Home! Such lovely touches of Spring. It won’t be long for you. Our temps are getting warmer every day. . . .Don’t give up!
    Springtime Blessings,

  20. says

    Spring is here at the Cabin,Dawn love this,the slip covers are great,your photo’s are so inviting,I feel as if I can just sit right down and enjoy some tea with you.Love the pillows,the pretty pink blossums just busting with colors.
    Everything looks so alive,bright like a spring day,one wouldn’t even know yall still got snow.
    Jo @ LoblollyLane

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    Nobody does Spring better than you Dawn. Simply swooning over all of it. And you make me wish I could sew every time I see your sweet pillows!

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    Spring looks like it has arrived in your cabin even if it’s not outside just yet…but I think it’s finally coming! Your special touches are perfect…Ann

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    Snow, really? We finally had to turn the air-conditioner on yesterday, but it’s really not bad yet and everything is blooming and pretty!

  24. says

    It looks so pretty and bright! Love the slipcovers ๐Ÿ™‚ Everything looks so nice!

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