Friday Night in Black and White (22)

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I’ve decided to do something a little different on Friday Nights.
By posting a Black and White photo that I snapped during the week.
 Black and White photography is my all time favorite look.
I know you seldom see this in blog land, 
but I l adore the look so much, and want to share with you my love
of B&W.
One photo and very little text will let the photo speak for itself.
“Cowgirl Boots”




  1. says

    Very cool! Love the b&w photography.

  2. says

    You cannot beat the clarity of B & W photos! In my possession are even daguerrotypes and sienna coloured portraits of the late 1800’s but the B & W photos taken in 1914 are absolutely stunning in the details revealed!
    Looking forward to see the next ones and thanks for sharing,

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