How to Make Glitter Shoes

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Glitter Shoes

I know you have all seen the glitter shoes that are popular right now, some of them sell for $325 a pair. Well that wasn’t in my price range so I improvised and made a pair for $7.  


Here’s what you will need:


1. Mod Podge

2. Pair of canvas flats in the same color as the glitter choice (I purchased mine at Target on the clearance rack for $5)

3. Extra fine Glitter

4. Sponge Brush

5. Clear Top Coat Spray Paint


Here’s how you will do it:


1. Tape off any area you don’t want the glitter (I taped of the soles)

2. Pour about 5 oz of  Mod Podge onto a paper plate and add 1/4 oz. of Extra Fine Glitter, mix until the Mod Podge and Glitter are incorporated (you should have a mixture that doesn’t drip off your sponge, if it is still runny add more glitter, but don’t make the mixture stiff)

3. Paint mixture onto shoes, using the sponge brush, making sure to coat all areas.

4. Let dry for 20 minutes.

5. Give a coat of clear sealer.

6. Let dry for 24 hours before wearing.


I found if your canvas shoe matches the glitter color you only need one coat. Do not use regular school glitter you will not get the results you want. I love that the Mod Podge keeps the shoes flexible and durable. 7 dollars is a much better price than $325. These will be super cute to wear for summer. 




How to Make Glitter Flats






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    Now those are so cute and you are so clever!!!

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