Easy Spring Table Setting

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Spring Dining Table

I’m back to show you how I used that $13 grocery store bouquet. My intentions when buying the flowers were for this purpose, I was wanting to brighten up the dining table and make it feel fresh and Spring like. I was looking for something simple and knew I would use my blue canning jars as vases. 


Spring Flowers in Blue Mason Jars

I think a blue mason jar should be used for everything. In my house they are our drinking glasses, vases, soup storers, and anything else I can fit into one. I still want to try the layered salad in a mason jar for summer; I will have to add that to my to-try-list. 


Spring Dining Room in a Log Home

That green cabinet in the corner is getting moved into my craft room, it’s a great hiding place for all those things you want to keep but have no place to store them. And of course the dog had to get into the shot, I normally shoo her out of the pictures, but decided who cares if she’s in the shot so I just snapped away. 


Spring Inspiration

I do think Spring is trying to come to Michigan we are no longer in a deep freeze and the air has a hit of warmth in it. We have had a 40 degree day and it felt like a heat wave. Are any of you experiencing signs of Spring in your neck of the woods yet?









  1. Penney says

    Your table is so pretty! and the pooch is terribly cute, too ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. says

    I agree, blue mason jars should be everywhere. They also make nice gifts with things tucked inside. I just love your home. So cozy. Your doggie has a sad look on his face like he is waiting for you to tell him to go away.

    • says

      Debby, the dog always looks like that lol that is her tired look. I just picked up some green mason jars and can’t wait to use them.

  3. Debi says

    You must be in the lower peninsula of Michigan because we are experiencing snow in the Upper Peninsula. Tomorrow is suppose to be the first official day of Spring, but I don’t see it coming our way.

    Love the blue mason jar displays.

    • says

      Debi, Yes I am in lower Michigan and we still have snow on the ground, next will come mud and flooding. Not looking forward to that.

  4. says

    Oh my gosh! That one photo of the blue mason jar is just spectacular! So glad warmer days are on your horizon. It’s been in the 30s here for several days which is so unusual this time of year for us. However, the Bradford pear trees are blooming in the yard so it looks like spring even though it doesn’t feel like it!

    • says

      Jane, how nice to have the trees blooming, that would be wonderful. We had snow again last night, I don’t think this winter will ever end.

    • says

      Susan, we had snow again last night, I think there will be no spring here at this rate.

  5. says

    The table is so pretty. Love the blue mason jars. Your sweet dog is adorable in the shot. Love that!

    • says

      Kris, thank you. It is simple and easy and that’s what I need right now.

  6. Kathleen G. says

    So happy to hear it in your voice that spring is coming your way. I had a chance to buy one blue mason jar, I should have, pretty with the spring flowers. Beautiful dog and I bet he(she?) is happy too!

    • says

      Kathleen, I was excited about our 40 degree day and then last night it snowed again. Just can’t seem to get away from winter here.

  7. says

    Mason jars are perfection anywhere and especially on your table!

  8. says

    Such a beautiful simply Spring table…love the colors of the flowers with that beautiful blue…So glad you have temps above the 30’s…the sun just came out today…and temps climbing to the 70’s soon!…A good thing!

    • says

      Shirley, 70 wow that’s shorts and bikini weather here. It got to 40 and my son wore shorts and a t-shirt to school.

  9. says

    Hi.. I found your blog through Stone Gable. My dream is to live in a log cabin so I’m sure it will be fun to follow you. I signed up through Google + I’m a new blogger writing about life after 60… Chapter Two. I am looking to make meaningful contacts and new blogger friends. I would be pleased if you would take a look. Thank you and have a nice day.

    • says

      Suzanne welcome to the cabin, I will be sure and drop by your place ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks for introducing yourself.

  10. says

    Pretty as pretty can be Dawn. I love the blue mason jars they are my fave!

    • says

      Thank you Debbie, who doesn’t love a blue mason jar?

  11. says

    I like easy, I have not been by for a while, my apologies, my father-in-law passed away this week = ( but Iโ€™m so happy to see these fresh cut flowers, beautifully taking a pose in their vase.

    • says

      Marie, so sorry to hear about your FIL how sad ๐Ÿ™ Much of my time has been taken up also caring for my 94 year old Gram who had a fall. Glad you have you back ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. says

    love the flowers . . . love the ‘vases’ . . . hope spring makes its appearance for you soon.

    I just found green ball jars to use for my tea.

    • says

      Carol I purchased the green ones too and cant wait to use them ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. says

    I think Michigan weather is very very similar to Montreal weather – we’ve had little teases of Spring too – sooo exciting!
    LOVE your flowers in the mason jars – I always split up my bouquets too – ( I feel ripped off if I don’t LOL )
    And Dawn I absolutely LOVE your table and chairs – just gorgeous!

    • says

      Suzan, thank you for noticing the table and chairs. It is an old library table and chairs out of a local school that closed their doors. Everything is thick solid oak. Hubby picked up the table and 8 chairs for $200. I have had the set forever and it’s still a piece I love and would never get rid of.

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