14 Must Have Photography Apps

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14 Must Have Photography Apps For Iphone | twitter.com/CCainCabin | pinterest.com/dawncain/ | #photographyiphoneapps

  1. InstaEditor ~ FREE ~ Features: Enhance any photo with one tap. Adjust Brightness, Saturation and Contrast. Crop and Orientation. Red-eye, Whiten, and Blemish. Stickers, Drawing, and Text. (Moderate Learning Curve)
  2. Waterlogue ~ $2.99 ~ Features: Turn any photo into a beautiful watercolor work of art. (Easy to Use)
  3. PicTapGo ~ $1.99 ~ Features: Over 50 Photo Effects and Layers. (Easy to Use)
  4. Actioncam ~ FREE ~ Features: Best App for shooting sporting events, kids running, or any type of action. (Easy to Use)
  5. VSCOcam ~ FREE ~ Features: This is the only App I have found that works great with backlight. It has a Separate Focus and Exposure Rings plus White Balance Lock allow for increased creative control. (Moderate Learning Curve)
  6. iDarkroom ~ $.99 ~  Features: Adjustment Tools, Special Effects, Filters, and Textures. (Easy to Use)
  7. Reflex ~ $.99 ~ Features: This App give you the vintage look that so many bloggers are using in their photography work right now. (Easy to Use)
  8. Squaready ~ FREE ~ Features: Great for Instagram users, it lets you post full photos that don’t have to be cropped. Various Filters, Text, Backgrounds, Frames and Stickers. (Moderate Learning Curve)
  9. Afterlight ~ $.99 ~ Features: 15 Tools, 59 Filters, 66 Textures, and 77 Frames. (Easy to Use)
  10. Pro HDR ~ $1.99 ~ Features: Automatically create stunning full-resolution HDR images with just a single tap! (Easy to Use)
  11. Diptic ~ $.99 ~ Features: Photo Collage Templates, 165 Layouts to choose from. Great to use with Instagram. (Easy to Use)
  12. XnView Photo FX Editor ~ FREE ~ Features: Create stunning images with vintage effect, add artistic filters or improve your photos with professional tools. (Easy to Use)
  13. Camera+ ~ $1.99 ~ Features: Touch Exposure and Focus, Shooting Modes, Digital Zoom, Front Flash, Horizontal Level, Clarity (the best feature ever), Scene Modes, Effects, Lightbox, Sharing, Crops, Boarders, and Caption. (Moderate Learning Curve)
  14. Snapseed ~ FREE ~ Features: Enhance, Transform, and Share Photos. Built-in Google+ Capabilities (another great feature for bloggers). (Easy to Use)

I must confess I take my big girl camera everywhere I go but sometimes I just don’t have the ambition to pull it from the car and lug it around so that’s where the camera on my smart phone comes in handy. Above I have listed my favorite Photography Apps that I couldn’t live without. Download the FREE ones for sure and see all they can do and as you get familiar with those start purchasing the paid versions that are capable of so much more. 

A Few Tricks I have Learned:

  • Always use your iphone camera to take the shot, the quality built into your smart phone is much better than the apps quality. From there you will pull the photo into the app you would like to use. (There are a few exceptions when taking backlit photos, make sure you use the VSCOcam App directly, and when shooting action shots use the Actioncam App directly)
  • You need to hold your smart phone steady just like you do your big DSLR camera. A blurry, fuzzy shot will always be a bad shot.
  • Don’t use the zoom, mover closer to the subject.
  • Turn your grid lines on so you are using the rule of thirds. You will find your photos more interesting.
  • Take more than one shot of the same thing, you can always delete the ones you won’t be using.
  • Have good lighting just like you look for with your DSLR, the iphone is no magician. 
  • Make sure your lens is clean, you can use the same solution you clean your DSLR lens with.

My Favorite Add On’s

  • Olloclip ~ This is a 4 in 1 clip on lens for the iphone. Fish-eye, Wide-Angle Lens, 10X Macro Lens, and 15X macro Lens. (This product takes the best photos and no one will ever believe they came off your iphone)
  • Olloclip Quick-Flip Case ~ This is a case that the corner rotates out of the way so you can attach the Olloclip lense. (I currently have an Otterbox and it’s a pain to take off every time you want to attach the lens)
  • A Tripod of your Choice.

I hope you find some of this information helpful, and just remember when purchasing an app it’s a lot cheaper than a new lens for you DSLR camera especially if it’s not something you will use everyday.

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  1. says

    Thanks! That’s a lot of great information. I’ll download the free ones now.


    • says

      Pam, it truly is amazing what you can do with just a phone. Photos are beautiful with a little help from some apps.

  2. says

    I just left a comment on another blog that I have avoided adding waterlogue to my new iPhone and now you tell me there are 13 other apps I should add. And, I thought I was just going to use the iPhone camera.

    Thanks for the tips.

    • says

      Carol, you can just use the camera on the phone but there are so many apps that can really enhance your photos and make them fantastic especially if you want to post them on the net.

  3. Amy says

    Thanks for this list, Dawn! I got Waterlogue after reading one of your posts and I absolutely love what you can do with that app. Some others not listed here that are pretty great are Over and PicLab. I often email my DSLR photos to my phone just so I can use these apps to edit them later when I can’t get to my computer to use PicMonkey.

    • says

      Amy thanks for the advice I will check out the other Apps 🙂

  4. Emily says

    I have some recommendations as well

    •Camera Bag 2
    •Camera Plus
    •Pro Cam
    •Camera 360
    •Blux Pro (I find it takes better photos than the iPhone 5S camera)
    •Pixlromatic or Pixlr Express+

    • says

      Thank for the list Emily I am going to check them all out 🙂

    • says

      Noel, great additions, I will check them all out, I’m always looking for new ones 🙂

  5. catherine says

    The apps sound great, and seem like they would be so much fun, but – are they designed only for the iphone? or have they been designed for smartphones as well?

    • says

      Catherine, I believe they are available for all smartphones. I just use them on the iphone.

  6. Saeed Ansari says

    Awesome apps, very detailed list thanks a lot for sharing:) I also use snapseed, vsco and afterlight on daily basis. Do you use any applications for overall account management? I personally adore fast-unfollow.com, iconosqure.com and postso.com over any others, they enhance the managing abilities so significantly i can’t imagine using Instagram without them! Especially now that new follow/unfollow limits were imposed, you can’t even get rid of more than 60 users per hour, which is actually quite a small amount.

    • says

      Saeed, yes I also use those other photo apps. I find they are harder to use for most people.

  7. says

    Does anyone know of a camera that distorts images as a sole function? I know they exist but don’t know where to get one.

    • says

      Holly I’ve never heard of such a thing. I bet you could do it with just an app.

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