Planting the Herb Garden

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Raised Bed Herb Garden | | | | | | #RaisedBedGardening | #HerbGardenI finally squeezed enough time into my day to move my herb garden outside into the raised bed where it belongs. I have been so busy with baseball season, prom, and graduation I can’t even think straight. I decided I was getting a little planting done no matter what I had to put on hold. I picked a day that I could weed, plant, and peg the laundry outside all on my timeframe.

Container Herb Garden |Raised Bed Herb Garden | | | | | | #RaisedBedGardening | #HerbGarden |#ContainerGarden

You probably remember my Coffee Mug Herb Garden that I started in the house this winter? Well those were the herbs that need to go into the earth. I had been putting them outside on nice days to get accustomed to the sun and wind and they had about outlived the time they could be cooped up in a coffee mug. I have trimmed them down several times and used them in my cooking dishes but they really need the soil and rain to continue to thrive.

Container Herb Garden |Raised Bed Herb Garden | | | | | | #RaisedBedGardening | #HerbGarden |#ContainerGardenOnce I got the mint under control I could plant the other herbs. The mint comes back every year and can become invasive if you don’t pull out all the runners. I have to thin mine out by about half every season, and when I do I use it to make Mint Water it’s so refreshing after all that weeding.

Container Herb Garden |Raised Bed Herb Garden | | | | | | #RaisedBedGardening | #HerbGarden |#ContainerGardenIt didn’t take me long to get things planted and give them a little water from the hose but the older I get that stooping over to dig is back breaking work. I just worker slower than I used to and pace myself.

Container Herb Garden |Raised Bed Herb Garden | | | | | | #RaisedBedGardening | #HerbGarden |#ContainerGardenNow we can continue to enjoy fresh herbs for our cooking and drinking needs all summer long. There’s nothing better than stepping outside your door and grabbing a handful of fresh grown goods. I’m happy to get that job checked off my list, next is to weed and mulch the flower bed.





  1. Diane says

    Love fresh herbs! I grow mine in two big wash tubs out on my deck. You’re right, its so nice to just step out the kitchen door and pick your own fresh herbs to cook with! I’ve never had mint water but it sounds good. Do you just steep it in water like tea? Also, I noticed you grow lemon balm. What do you use it for?

    • says

      Diane, I just put the mint leaves in my water and crush them a little with my straw and they release the oil. I do the same with the lemon balm for lemon water and I also grab a handful of the leaves and rub them on my skin to keep the mosquitos away. I always did this when my kids were young I don’t like using pesticides on them. It works great!!

  2. says

    I really do need to get an herb garden going again.

    You have inspired me to find a spot by the kitchen door so Steve can just go out and snip what he needs.

    • says

      Carol, good for you, I know you will make the herb garden lovely for sure ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. says

    I’m sure your herbs will appreciate having more space to spread their roots. I’m looking forward to using my mint and lemon balm in some nice refreshing drinks.

    • says

      Linda, I had mint water yesterday at the baseball game. It was so hot and everyone was sunburned so the refreshing water hit the spot.

  4. says

    Hi Dawn, it makes so much sense to put the herb garden near your house so you can just step outside to snip a few herbs while you’re cooking. I have my bed in our garden so I have to walk all the way out there to get some. No worry, though. I need to walk! Hehe!

    • says

      Jane, you garden is beautiful, it is worth the walk for sure.

  5. says

    Glad you were able to get everything in the ground. Congrats on the graduation, etc. It’s such a fun time, but such a crazy time. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Have a great weekend.

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