Chicken Wire Garden Cage

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Chicken Wire Garden Cage | Keep the Deer From Eating Your Garden | | | | | | #GardenCageIf you’ve been reading my blog for a while you know the trouble I have with deer in my garden. Well I must be a glutton for punishment, I am planting a garden again and attempting to keep the deer from eating it. So far I have most items in container close to the house and this is what works best for me, but you can only have so much of that. Hubby made me all these raised garden planters a few years ago and I normally plant my flowers for cutting in them, which I will do again, but a few of them will be used for tomatoes, cucumbers, and green beans. 

Chicken Wire Garden Cage | Keep the Deer From Eating Your Garden | | | | | | #GardenCageIn my attempt to keep the critters from eating the garden I made some chicken wire cages. They’re certainly not going to win any beauty contest but they are functional. I made long cylinders of chicken wire for each tomato plant, and I only planted 4 this year and used my tomato stakes to hold them in place. I don’t think the deer can get to them and by the time they’re bigger the deer will leave them alone and I can remove the cage.

Chicken Wire Garden Cage | Keep the Deer From Eating Your Garden | | | | | | #GardenCageI did the same with the cucumber plants only I made the chicken wire cage a teepee shape. The deer seem to like the cukes better than the tomatoes. I  still need to plant my green bean seed and will need to rig up some way of keeping the feeding critters out of them also, if I can talk hubby into it I may just have him make me long skinny boxes for the deck. It does make picking easier when most things are in containers and weeding is almost nonexistent. So, we will see, but I hope the cages will allow my veggies to become mature enough that the deer leave them alone. It’s very discouraging to go to all the work just to go out one morning and find everything nibbled off tight to the ground. Stay tuned to see if it works!





  1. says

    I’m with the deer – I like cukes better than tomatoes, too! I’m growing some kale right next to the house and would like to try a galvanized planter for some other vegetables.


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      Claudia, I am so mad I went out this morning and something chewed one of my cuke plants off at the ground. It has to be a bug of some sort a deer or rabbit can’t get in there. Luckily I had some seeds so I replanted. I will add some DE powder (food grade, no pesticides) and hope the bugs stay away.

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    I hope your plants survive all of the wildlife. When I was living in NC I just gave up. The deer ate everything. xo Laura

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      Laura, I am about to that point of giving up but I love to walk out the door and pick something fresh to eat every day.

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    Hubby made me a 20′ x 40 ‘ fenced garden with raised beds so hopefully I can successfully grow flowers and veggies without the deer eating them all.

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      Barb, the deer jump right over the fence here ๐Ÿ™ There’s no fooling them I guess. I think if you had a hot wire along the top that would help but I don’t want to go to that much trouble and expense.

  4. Cheryl Major says

    Very creative !
    It is a lot of work indeed to have critters of any kind nip them off. I too want to plant a garden and am having the same problem. I have a friend who put a picket fence around her garden …but that only seems to stops large animals. Good Luck !

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      Cheryl, Thank you so far it is keeping the deer out but the beetles are eating away at the stems, they can fly right through the chicken wire. I will have to sprinkle some DE powder on them to keep the insects away.

  5. says

    Oh I feel your pain…we are actually in the process of putting a new fence around my hydrangeas so the deer will not get to them…using something more decorative this time as I think the HOA was trying to look the other way…Keep us posted on your progress!

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      Shirley, I had no idea they would eat hydrangeas too. It is hard to find a fence that looks nice yet is functional. So far so good with the structures ๐Ÿ™‚

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