How to Clean Windows and Screens Like a Pro

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How to Clean Windows & Screens Like a Pro Using Ordinary Household Cleaners | Creative Cain CabinCleaning the windows and screens was on my to-do-list before having my youngest sons graduation party. Cleaning them is always a challenge because of our high ceilings, so this year I called a service to get a price. After hearing it would be $250 to just clean the second story windows I decided I would rather have that money to spend elsewhere and told my boys to go get the ladder. For one hour of time and $3 we had everything on the upper level done, I would say that was a great savings.

How to Clean Windows & Screens Like a Pro Using Ordinary Household Cleaners | Creative Cain CabinThe boys decided to start outside first. One washed while the other held the ladder, oh and I supervised of course. I also had them knock down any bees nest that were starting to form in the peaks and we had a bird trying to nest on the trim of  one of the high windows. That had to go too, before they started pooping everywhere. 

How to Clean Windows & Screens Like a Pro Using Ordinary Household Cleaners | Creative Cain CabinNext they moved inside, where they handed the screen down to me and I had it clean by the time they had washed the window and was ready to put it back into place. While they were at it they also gave the deer a dusting.

How to Clean Windows & Screens Like a Pro Using Ordinary Household Cleaners | Creative Cain Cabin

Cleaning the windows is the part that everyone knows:

Add a drop of Palmolive to a bucket of water, wash with the soft side of the window washer, and squeegee off the dirt and suds, wipe any drips with a microfiber cloth.

Now here is where the brilliant magic happens:

For the screens I used an Magic Eraser, and it was the best method I have ever tried: Pull the screen out, take it outside, wet Magic Eraser according to the directions, rub eraser from top to bottom (all in one stroke, pick up the eraser at the bottom and start the process again) overlapping your strokes, then reverse and rub from side to side overlapping strokes. Turn screen over and repeat. My screens look just like new and living in the country they’re always getting dirt from neighboring fields collecting in all the little grooves and right now all the dandelion fluff is sticking to them. It doesn’t make much sense to clean windows without cleaning the screens. The first rain will deposit all that screen dust all over your nice clean windows. I do this twice a year and they stay nice and clean.

How to Clean Windows & Screens Like a Pro Using Ordinary Household Cleaners | Creative Cain Cabin

One more thing checked off my pre graduation party list of things to do.







  1. says

    Great tips Dawn. I need those two handsome guys over at my house LOL! What a great savings to do this yourself.
    They now are nice and clean for the party.

    • says

      Kris, I am so glad I didn’t hire it done. Soap and water is so cheap I’m not sure why their prices are so high. The kids didn’t mind doing it either.

      • Marcos Ballez says

        Yep i just found that out im 38 yrs old wish i found that out when i was younger . M y mother and sister didnt let me clean the windows i smeared them now im out the house long ago found out a e as ier. I started liking cleaning sometimes i juust got older my mom and sister were shocked that i like cleaning sometimes.. told them when u have your own place gotta be even like that. They said WOw!! You grew up!

        • says

          Marcos good for you. I like to keep things clean, and am a little bit of a neat freak. I figure if I stay on top of it it’s easier to do. Have a great week and thanks for stopping in.

          • Marcos Ballez says

            Thanks for replying enjoy yourself

    • charles says

      so why didn’t you use (DAWN ) ? ๐Ÿ™‚

      • says

        Charles I find the brand listed works better for me.

  2. says

    Doesn’t it feel great to have clean windows? So nice that you have your sons to help! (And they’re a bargain-ha! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • says

      Susan, I couldn’t believe how dirty the windows were. Now the sun shines in, LOL. We have so much dust from the farm fields that cleaning windows is a never ending battle, and I couldn’t afford it have it done every month so the kids are a great helps.

  3. says

    Oh I needed your crew a few months ago!!…I have to hire professional cleaners to do the outside of our third story windows…too high for us…however, we do the ones that we can reach…I am going to use your formula the next time I clean the windows…great tips Dawn!

    • says

      Shirley, I hated to pay the price and with kids why not let them do it? They work for food. LOL

  4. Penney says

    Brilliant! Pinned it!!

  5. Nancy Blue Moon says

    I really need to do mine Dawn..thankfully I am on one floor and have drop-in easy to clean..

    • says

      Nancy, I have drop in windows too but that second story with 30 ft windows is a killer to clean.

  6. Cheryl Major says

    Magic eraser?…..Never knew that you could use them on screens. I will be trying that very soon. Thanks for the tips!

    • says

      Cheryl, me either but they work fantastic. This is how I always do them.

    • says

      Clydene thank you for dropping in. Happy window washing.

  7. Kay says

    gm! how do u clean solar screens for your windows? plz let me know i have tried soapy water it works till it drys then it looks the same has before i did it

  8. KandiV says

    Your suggestion for the magic eraser on the screen was perfect! It worked wonderfully! Thank you!

    • says

      Kandi good deal I just did mine last week too, and love those erasers.

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