Strawberry Patch

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Strawberries | Creative Cain CabinOur strawberry patch is producing nicely, this is my haul for today. When it gets in full swing I pick about 6-8 quarts a day all from a 20’X4′ raised garden bed that’s right outside my kitchen door. Store bought strawberries can’t compare to fresh picked. Many times they don’t even make it to the house I just eat as I pick.

Strawberry Patch | Log Home Porch | Creative Cain CabinHere’s a portion of the bed. It is so full this year and I gave away about 60 plants. Every year I have to divide all the new runners and hand them out to friends. I do believe next year I should thin this out by about half. It’s so nice to step out my door and pick berries for a nice salad or to eat with breakfast. One of my favorite recipes is to slice them on a peanut-butter sandwich, it’s better than jelly any day.

Fresh Strawberries | Creative Cain Cabin This photo is a reminder to not wear red sneakers while picking strawberries. I don’t know how many times I put my foot into the bed to reach some berries and thought those darn red shoes were ripe strawberries hidden beneath the leaves. They fooled me every time. Anyone else picking berries yet?





  1. says

    Yum!!! We are past strawberry season here now. I wish they would last all summer because they are definitely the best when fresh picked. Love the red sneakers. xo Laura

    • says

      Laura, you are done already? I have ever bearers and they do produce all summer here.

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      Thanks Debbie, I wish you lived closer I would drop off a quart.

  2. says

    Wow, Dawn, that’s a whole lot of strawberry plants.

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      Kim, just enough to keep our family stocked with fresh strawberries for smoothies, desserts, and eating:)

  3. Melissa says

    Nice! I do like your red sneakers though!!!

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      Thanks Melissa, I love lots of shoes and bright colored sneakers are the best.

  4. susan says

    It’s strawberry time here, too, in Ohio and looking forward to that sweetness! Speaking of sweet–those sneakers are awesomely sweet! Enjoy your weekend!

    • says

      Susan so you are enjoying them at the same time I am. I love all different colored sneakers. I have quite a collection.

  5. Cheryl Major says

    WOW! That is awesome !
    Is there any one kind of strawberrie plant that you find produces the most?

    • says

      Cheryl I have June and Ever Bearing strawberries. The June bearers only produce in June but have bigger berries, the Ever bearers bear all season long with smaller berries. I like both varieties:)

  6. says

    Oh maravillosa plantaciΓ³n de fresas ! Que buena idea Dawn !

  7. Nancy Blue Moon says

    Oh blog ladies are making me so hungry for homegrown strawberries..I must get to the farmers market!!

  8. says

    That’s a beautiful patch, Dawn.
    I bet they are far more delicious than store-bought!
    My folks always had a strawberry patch.

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      Kim, we never had strawberries growing up because my mom was allergic to them, so now I go overboard with them πŸ™‚

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      Kris, I picked 2 more quarts this evening, they are coming on strong.

  9. says

    I am picking about 2 quarts every evening. I could get more but the local robins have discovered them and eat just as many. I have not had time to devise a way to keep them out. I will make some into jam soon but for now I am enjoying them fresh and in smoothies. Mine are just ones I have let run crazy for a ground cover in many areas.

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      Pamela, I didn’t know robins would eat them. At our guest house the bunnies would sample them. They never ate the whole berry just took a bite out of each one πŸ™ Mine will soon be out of control if I don’t do a major thinning this fall. I need to make a smoothie with mine too, I was saying that to the kids last night. Thanks for the reminder:)

  10. says

    Now Dawndie, I’m getting jealous here! I love those strawberries and yours are so pretty. I can only get them from the grocery store and I know yours are more tasty! Too funny about your cute little red tennies! Have a great weekend.
    be a sweetie,
    Shelia πŸ˜‰

    • says

      Shelia, It’s probably to hot where you are to grow strawberries this time of year. I am picking like crazy here and need to start eating them up. Thanks for dropping by.

  11. says

    Oh, YUMMY! These look amazing!!! I would love to have a strawberry patch in my yard! I had a good giggle about wearing red shoes!!! Nothing tastes better than home grown!

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      Yvonne, they do great in raised beds you should try it.

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      Linda, I picked another 2 quarts today. I see smoothies in my future πŸ™‚

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