Wild Daisies and Buffalo Check

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Wild Daisy's | Green Mason Jar |Creative Cain CabinI have a little sneak peek of what’s happening on the front porch today, if you follow me on FB or Instagram you got a preview of the sewing progress. With my youngest sons graduation party taking place at the Cabin the end of June, I am in a mad rush to get everything just perfect. 

Wild Daisy's | Green Mason Jar | Buffalo Check Fabric |Creative Cain CabinI’m one of those people that have all these brilliant (or not so brilliant) ideas of things to get done. I then put pressure on myself to get them all accomplished even if I have to stay up all night….which I have done before, for some reason the night before my oldest sons birthday party one year I decided to paint the living room. What the heck was I thinking???

Wild Daisy's | Green Mason Jar | Buffalo Check Fabric |Creative Cain CabinThis project was actually easy…..stop back by to see what changes are taking place on the porch……and here’s a hint…..Buffalo Check Fabric. It has to be good right? Anything done with buffalo check fabric is two thumbs up in my opinion.

Wild Daisy's | Green Mason Jar | Buffalo Check Fabric |Creative Cain CabinThe wild daisies are blooming in our filed right now. I just love their simplicity and they look fabulous in a green mason jar. 




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      Susan, so far I am on schedule with the party. I have slipcovers to wash this week and I think I will be ready ๐Ÿ™‚

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      Laura, thanks for the new follow. I normally post things on IG that I don’t on the blog so you will see new stuff ๐Ÿ™‚

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    I love it all. I, too, think buffalo check is the cats meow, just love that shade of green. I have a case of those green jars and my daisies are just beginning to bloom so I should be able to put out lots of bouquets of them. I have been trying to hunt down some wicker for our porch. So far I have been unsuccessful so I shall just enjoy yours until I do find some. (without paying the moon.)

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      Pamela, my wicker is from Kmart, I paid under $300 for a love seat and two chairs. It has held up wonderfully and this is the first year I have slipcovered the cushions. Not because the needed it, I was just ready for a change.

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    Oooh, love it already! I’ve pulled those all nighters too. When a girl gets the urge to decorate it can’t be denied. ๐Ÿ™‚

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      Stacey, Im getting to old for these hair brained idea. LOL So far I think I will have everything accomplished. I have slipcovers to wash this week and some prints to be made and I will be done.

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    I love the green buffalo check on your pillows! I don’t think I’ve ever seen it in that color before. Good luck getting everything done for the party!

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      Vickie, so far I think I am on schedule with getting everything done. Im sure not a sole will notice though. LOL

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      Thanks Elizabeth our weather is nice here too but we have had a lot of rain. Sure hope it doesn’t rain the day of our party.

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    I can’t wait to see the porch reveal. I need to spruce ours up and your cabin always looks homey and comfortable but not too rustic, just how I would like ours to look. You always give me good inspiration!

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      Adina, for some reason I never got into that cabin look either. I normally just go with whatever is the best price and make it work. This time I did the makeover for $9.

  5. Nancy Blue Moon says

    That green buffalo check is so pretty…and who wouldn’t love free wild daises??

  6. Cheryl Major says

    Dawn your Daisys and bufflo checks go perfect together. I just finished making my slip covers for my wicker set . I usually do something with a red in it as all other colours seem to get washed out next to our log walls. Your green sure is pretty.

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      Cheryl, I do red a lot too but got a good bargain on the green so that’s what I went with. Money talks sometimes.

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    Hi, I’m a first time visitor, and enjoyed your post. My feeble brain is full of good ideas, and I never seem to live up to them. Love daisies and the plaid fabric. Any idea where the buffalo name came from?

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      Yvette, welcome to the cabin ๐Ÿ™‚ Great question, but I have no idea how buffalo check got it’s name.

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      Thank you Pam, I will be happy when it’s over. It’s to stressfull making sure everything is perfect.

  8. amy watson says

    Is there a chance that we will get to see the whole porch? You photos are gorgeous, but it seems bloggers lately don’t really show the complete picture, more about a corner of this and a little of that, your a great photographer…. ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. says

    How great that you have a field of wild daisies!!…love, love that buffalo check!…love the check and love the colors!…

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