How to Make a No Sew Burlap Table Runner for Fall

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Fall No Sew Burlap Table Runner | Creative Cain CabinI’m in love with this patterned burlap that I found on the clearance rack at Hobby Lobby. It caught my eye as I was cruisin the fabric department. There was only 3 yards left on the bolt so I purchased it all, and knew I would find somewhere to use it. Since painting my doors gray I have been incorporating more of that color into other decorating items, and the dark grey in this burlap looks perfect with my fall vignettes. 

How to Wash and Iron Burlap | Creative Cain Cabin First I washed and dried the burlap. Make sure you wash it alone, burlap sheds terribly and you don’t want all those fibers sticking to your other items. I washed mine in cold water to avoid any fading and used the rapid cycle. I used a small amount of detergent and vinegar in the rinse cycle. For some reason burlap always reminds me of being at the stockyards as a kid. It just brings back memories of buying cattle and all the smells associated with farming. Next throw it in the dryer on medium heat, the wrinkles won’t set in to bad as long as you don’t have it on hot. Once it’s dry, drag it outside and shake it like crazy until all the tiny fibers quit falling from it. I found it worked best to stand on our second story deck and let the fabric hang over the rail to give it a good shake. It’s hard to keep 3 yards off the ground, and being up higher worked much better. 

How to Cut Burlap | Creative Cain Cabin Next I ironed the burlap. I added a few drops of orange essential oil to my steamer to help disguise the burlap smell, and it worked beautifully. The house smelled like simmering orange peels and the burlap smelled delightful. Then I placed the burlap on my dining table to decide what size to make the runner. I decided 20 inches wide would be perfect and of course cut the length to fit your table. The easiest way to get a straight cut with burlap is to make a small cut with your scissors and then pull one strand of the fibers. It will create a channel that you can visibly see and that is where you place your scissors for cutting. If the fiber breakes while pulling just grab the end with at toothpick and continue to pull. I did this on all 4 sides and then pulled 6 strands out all the way around to give it a Pottery Barn fringed look. It’s such an easy project to do, what takes the most time is the washing, drying, and ironing. 

No Sew  Fall Burlap Table Runner | Creative Cain Cabin I’m not sure what it is about burlap but my cat loves to roll on it. Maybe it’s the scratchy feel it has to it. Oh, and by the way my garden is still producing those beautiful sunflowers. I think I have about 2 more cuttings before the frost gets them. I hate to even say this word, but SNOW is being predicted here in the next two weeks. Yikes, I sure hope we won’t totally skip over Fall, it’s my favorite season of the year. 




  1. says

    I can see some slight frost on the neighbour’s roof this morning, and it sure is chilly out there. I’d better check on some of the plants that don’t like the frost and see how they are.
    Nice project .. quick and easy and very effective when completed.

    • says

      Linda, It has been down in the low 40’s at night here so far. I have had to turn my heat on and don’t like that one bit. Hope all your plants are ok.

  2. says

    Love that printed burlap and the neutral color is the perfect backdrop for those gorgeous sunflowers! So glad Fall weather has finally hit here today, but definitely not ready for snow!

  3. says

    Good Sunday Morning Dawn. Love the new runner. Yep fall is definitely here this week end for us too. Had to put the heat on ughh! They are saying maybe a warm up to 70’s this week I hope they are right. Would love a few more nice window open days.
    Hope School is going great.

    • says

      Kris, I have some painting to do outside so I hope it does reach 70. Now just to find the time to squeeze it in. School is going good, just takes a lot of my time.

  4. says

    The runner is lovely, I’m going to have to check my H.L. and see if they have any of that burlap left. Thanks for the washing tips, all good ideas… and thanks too for visiting my blog. 🙂

    After our first light snow the other day, we’re back to late summer weather… I’m hoping my pumpkins have a bit more time to grow before everything freezes!

    • says

      Maura, I hope your pumpkins make it too. They are so expensive to buy in the store. Good luck with the burlap search.

  5. Cheryl Major says

    Dawn, I really love your printed burlap. I have never seen printed burlap here. Really wish we had a HL. It has turned cold this week also here. It snowed yesterday for 5 mins as it was 5 `C . We even lit the wood stove. I hope our fall is not over.

    • says

      Cheryl, I have seen the printed burlap at Walmart and JoAnn’s if that helps. It’s too early for snow 🙁 and yes we have our heat on too.

  6. says

    Seems like we went straight into fall here in Kentucky, but I’m not sure we ever really had summer. Love the table runner. xo Laura

    • says

      Laura, We only had 3 warm days this summer and those are the only days I turned on my air. I agree we skipped over summer and I think we may be heading straight for winter in these parts.

  7. says

    I have never washed burlap. Now I want to go buy some to go through all of your steps.

    I don’t have the height to hang it out to shake, but I can figure out something.

  8. says

    I love the patterned burlap & from someone who doesn’t sew…I so appreciate your no-sew runner! Together, with your a-w-e-s-o-m-e makes a beautiful table scape.
    We are loving our slip covered furniture, btw!! You are my inspiration!!
    Cool here in the northeast as well, a whopping 9 degrees this morning!

    • says

      Charlotte, Wow 9 degrees not that is cold. The low has been in the 40’s here so far. I’m so glad you are loving your slipcovered furniture, I am planning on buying new before the year ends, just need to squeeze it into my schedule to drive 2 hours one way to get it. I am out of color possibilities with what I have so Im looking for a new line.

  9. says

    Dawn, I love this idea! I’m heading to my fabric store today to pick up some great burlap to make your project! You inspire me friend!!!!

    • says

      Yvonne, yeah I can’t wait to see what you get.

  10. says

    Looks easy, Dawn, and it looks so nice with all of your Fall décor.
    Oh no, not snow already!

    • says

      Kim, yes can you believe we may be looking at snow. I hardly have time to decorate for one season and the next one is creeping up.

  11. says

    Your runner is so cute-what a great idea! And I always love those gorgeous sunflowers!

    • says

      Thank you Susan it was a fast project and helped get the ball rolling with my fall decorating.

  12. says

    What a pretty runner Dawn and I love the sunflowers in the crock…so pretty!!

    • says

      Martina, thank you so much it was so easy to do I know I will be doing it again.

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