Best Kitchen Cupboard Paint

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White Kitchen Cupboards in a Log Home | creativecaincabin.comI was feeling ambitious and decided to paint the kitchen cupboards. I knew it wouldn’t take me long, I wasn’t changing the color just giving it a freshening up. It had been 5 years since I painted them originally, and even though I wash them down regularly they were needing some sprucing up. Remember I live with all men who have dirty hands the majority of the time. They say their clean but they sure don’t look like it to me. 

The Best Kitchen Cupboard Paint | creativecaincabin.comI certainly chose to paint the easiest way I could. I knew only the outside of the drawers needed to be done so all I did was remove the handles, (I left all the contents in them) and put them on top of the counter to get at them better. Hubby removed all the upper cupboard doors for me and the handles (they have some kind of fancy closing mechanism and I didn’t want to take something apart that shouldn’t be). My favorite paint is Sherwin Williams, the kind that I chose for the cupboard is the All Surface Enamel and it is self leveling. You apply it with a sponge roller and let it set, even if you think there’s a streak in the paint it won’t be there when it’s dry. It does the job for you and levels itself out. This paint also dries quickly, which is a huge advantage when you want the project to go quickly. 

White Kitchen Cupboards in a Log Home | creativecaincabin.comAfter about 20 minutes of dry time, hubby put all the doors back on and I started adding the hardware. The part that took the longest to paint was the island and the frame of the cupboards. I originally toyed with changing the color but I’m so glad I didn’t. I have never tired of the color “Lodus Pod”, and I can’t imagine how much more work it would have been to change the color. One coat was all it needed to refresh the look. 

Painting is something I dread doing anyway. I know many people love to paint but for me it seems like a very unrewarding task, and it bores me to tears but I am glad to have it looking all bright and new again.




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      Linda, I love their simple style, so easy to paint and keep clean. I really wanted beadboard in the beginning but so glad I changed my mined all those cracks would have been a bear to keep clean.

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    Thanks for sharing the tips! I’ll be painting my kitchen cupboards soon and wondered what kind of paint to use.

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      Erin, I wait until there’s a coupon and get the good paint at a better price than the cheap stuff. Make sure you wash your cupboards with TSP first for a good hold with the paint.

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      Thanks Kris I certainly had no extra time on my hands but it was a project that needed to be done.

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    Nothing like a fresh coat of paint…it really is worth the effort! Looks so pretty now and it’s finished. ๐Ÿ™‚

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      Thank you Ann yes it is worth it I just had to get myself geared up to accomplish it.

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    Great job! Your cabinets look beautiful and your home is lovely.


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      Thank you so much Beth I am glad to have that project checked off my list.

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    My kitchen cabinets need painting so badly. Thanks for the heads up about that paint.

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      Carol to bad we don’t live near each other we could make a painting day of it and get yours done.

  5. says

    Your home has such a wonderful balance of warm and pretty, with a perfect blend of fresh air. Love the crisp, white cabinets paired with all the rich woods. Beautiful!!!!!

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      What a sweet comment Shannon, thank you ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Debbie says

    I just painted my cabinets too. I used Annie Sloan’s Chalk Paint. It was the easier thing I’ve ever done. I used a quart and a half and I painted 23 doors/drawers. No sanding just cleaning and then the paint.

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      Debbie, did you wax them or put a clear coat on them?

  7. says

    HI Dawndie! Oh, your cabinets look lovely and how I love white cabinets. Your kitchen is so fresh and clean. Can’t imagine dirty finger prints on the cabinet doors! ๐Ÿ™‚
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. Nancy Blue Moon says

    Thanks for the advise Dawn..I am trying to work up the courage to paint my cupboards and this post is helpful..I think I should try that paint so maybe I won’t have to worry about streaks..I’ve never done cupboards before..

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      Nancy, They are a pain to paint but once you have the doors and hardware off it goes much faster.

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    Dawn love the white it pops against all your beautiful wonderful wood flooring and wood interior walls. How do you do it??? school, blog, family, cook, decorate, photograph, housework…. you are amazing.

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      Thank you Jo May, I say I never sleep that’s how I keep up. LOL

  10. Rondell says

    I have to do that too Dawn, it just seems like I painted them for the first time. Yours looks very refreshed!

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      Rondell, it is a chore but I was grateful to get it done.

  11. Kris says

    Looks great Dawn! I am hoping to do mine after the holidays.
    XO Kris

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      Kris, yes best to wait until after then. It’s a big project to start and then have company drop in .

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    Dawn, your cabinets look great! It has been over 5 years since we painted ours white and they could certainly use a freshening up! Thanks for the tip about the type of paint you used because I’d never heard of self-leveling paint! I’ve never noticed this before, but I think we have the same stove!

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      Jane, I love my stove….the convection part is the best for baking.

  13. Cheryl Major says

    Dawn, your kitchen looks so fresh and bright. I have used TSP to wash the kitchen cupboards. It does a great job of removing the grease and dirt. I have never heard of the self leveling paint, so I will be keeping my eyes open for it.

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      Cheryl, TSP is the best for cleaning cupboards.

  14. Vicki says

    Was wondering if this paint can be used over oil base paint. My house is 40 years old and everything had oil base paint used on it.
    Your kitchen is beautiful!

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      Vicki, yes just make sure you clean your cupboards with TSP first

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    Hi there. Just came across your blog regarding the best paint to use for kitchen cabinets. did you sand them first? We have oak cabinets and I might have to paint them when my husband is out of town and when he returns say someone broke in and painted our cabinets.


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      Nancy I didn’t not sand but mine were bare wood. If I was you I would purchase some liquid sand and wipe them down with it first, then paint. Liquid sand is so much easier you just wipe it on, it’s so easy.

  16. eva edgeworth says

    Your cabinets are beautiful! Did you have to put any finish coat on after the paint? Like poly or anything else? and it only took one coat of paint? everything I read says it takes several coats of paint, and wax/poly and sanding in between. That is what is holding me back form doing my maple cabinets in a honey color. I can’t wait for them to be white!

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      Eva no I didn’t put anything over the paint, and yes it only took one coat but I was working with raw wood no color or stain underneath. My neighbor did her dark oak cabinets with this paint and need 2 coats but her cupboards were dark brown. You definitely don’t have to sand between coats if you end up needing two. You can also use a product called liquid sand before you paint and it will strip any grease or anything from the cabinets so the paint will adhere. It’s a wipe on product so it couldn’t be easier.

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