3 Things That You Could Be Saving BIG Money On

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The 3 Simple Changes I Made To Save Thousands Of Dollars A Year | CreativeCainCabin.comWith rising costs of everything, and I mean everything…..even a gallon of milk is up to $6 here, hubby and I decided to make a change with our spending and here’s how we will be saving thousands of dollars this year. 

How to Slash the Cost of Your Cable Bill | CreativeCainCabin.com

First: we cut the cord on cable/direct tv. Where we live, in the sticks, the only thing available is satellite tv. We have had Direct TV for over 20 years and our bill was over $150 per month. We haven’t been under contract for many moons so we had the option of disconnecting anytime. I first called and tried to negotiate a lesser cost but that only got me a $5 a month credit, and frankly that only insulted me. I explained to the customer service rep that I had been a loyal customer for over 20 years and wasn’t there something that could be done. After all if I was a new customer I could get the plan for $30 a month. After it was all said and done we decided to have it shut off and live without it. We did invest in an indoor tv antenna for $60 and was surprised to receive over 30 channels with digital tv, thats FREE. We also started a Netflix package for $15 a month and I purchased a $15 itunes card that will last for about 3 months. We discovered the only channels we truly missed were the History Channel and AMC. The shows we watch on the History Channel can be watched online and the one show we watch on AMC we can purchase through itunes by the episode for $2. 

Now I feel horrible that’s we’ve paid all that money out for years, only to find out no one in our house has missed it. 

Direct TV for one year – $1,800

Antenna (a one time purchase) $60

Netflix for one year – $180

itunes cards per year – $60

Savings: $1,500

How to Slash Cell Phone Costs | CreativeCainCabin.com

Second: we went to prepaid cell phones. We haven’t been under contract for over 2 years and hubby and I have iphones, so here’s what we did. Black Friday Verizon always offers free activation, so we took our Verizon iphones that had a package and had them activated as a prepaid Verizon phone. We paid $200 per month for both phone on the package, by going prepaid we have the same service, same text and calling, and same amount of GB’s per month for data all for $80 for both phones. We gave up nothing by changing. All I do is dial 611 from my phone once a month and reload our phones. It takes seconds and we’ve saved big.

Verizon package for one year – $2,400 (seeing it just makes me sick)

Verizon prepaid for one year – $960

Savings – $1,440

How to Slash Your Meat Costs | CreativeCainCabin.com

Third: we no longer purchase meat from the grocery store. The last time I bought ground beef and paid $6 a pound I said that’s it. We raise our own meat, and no you don’t have to have a farm to do it. We purchased a cow from a friend, our pigs are raised across the street from us at a buddies place, and we are raising our own meat chickens this spring. One of the best parts about this, is you know what the animal is being fed and how it is raised. We just got our cow back from market this week and after paying for it to be raised, fed, and cut up we paid $2.75 a pound and have a freezer full of beef, and that means lots of steaks not just hamburg. Our pigs go to market next week so I don’t have an exact price but I can come close it will end up being around $1.10 per pound. The only part we had in any of it was handing over the money, picking up the meat from the locker, and supplying the freezer (which we already had). We are now set for a year and won’t have to pay grocery store prices. 

Savings: BIG $$$

So this is just 3 ways we’ve cut down our monthly bills, it’s quite amazing because this will end of being thousands of dollars a year with just these small changes. What do you do to cut costs, I’d love to hear what works for you? 




  1. says

    We replaced our Direct TV with rabbit ears too. We had to switch cell phone providers because only one provider carries a decent signal on the mountain top we [now] live on. This provider is subsequently cheaper. We are getting chickens soon so we have our own free range eggs for the same reason you are raising your own meat. Eggs are between $4-$5 per dozen.

    We purchased a new set of gas logs and a portable gas heater so the heat pump doesn’t run the electric bill through the roof. When we noticed a lot of air coming through the door casings we decided to replace the storm doors. I wish I had actual figures to show the savings but this is all recent changes that we hope will really make a difference in our monthly electric bill.

    Another idea we have found to be incredibly useful is the old bartering system. When we had almost 12 inches of snow a few weeks ago we called a guy to plow us out in exchange for making hay in one of our fields and keeping it for himself this spring.

    That’s my two cents and I apologize for being so long winded but I hope it will add to your ideas and be useful to many. Sharing is caring and your post is such a great post!

    • says

      Windi, wow eggs aren’t that high here yet. I buy local from a farmer and pay $2 a dozen. Our home is new so we have all the latest energy efficient things but I hate our doors (I think they leak heat) so would like to replace them this year. We barter too, we paid for nothing to be done on our house. We bartered and exchange trades for what we needed. Thanks so much for all your helpful hints. I just love hearing what others are doing to cut corners. You are an inspiration ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. says

    The savings are amazing when you look at the yearly totals. We dumped the landline phone about 3 years ago and have a pay as you go phone and a contract one which gives us way more than the landline for less than the price. The contract is up for renewal soon and I’m already looking to see if I can find more savings.

    • says

      Linda I would dump our landline too but it’s connected to our business phone and I don’t want clients having my cell number. The college I attend has a class once a year that teaches you all the ways to save money, they especially focus on tech type things like cell phones and internet. It’s amazing all the ways around paying big money. The deals are out there if you have the time to research them all.

  3. says

    We haven’t had cable or satellite tv for many years, but our cell phone and wifi bills are outrageous. We live in the country, where satellite internet or a wifi hotspot are our only options, and the cell phone and internet together are almost as expensive as our house payment! Unfortunately, we are still under contract, so it will be awhile before we can make a change.

    We used to raise chickens, and bought our beef from a farmer, but I just got tired of trying to keep coyotes out of our chicken pen, and it’s been several years since I purchased beef, but it was less expensive, and was better beef than what I get in the stores, so I need to do that again.

    Congratulations on all your savings!

    • says

      Angie, we only have Satellite internet also here. I switched to Verizon’s Cantina about 2 years ago. The speed is amazing compared to any other, it works off a cell phone tower. I pay $120 a month for 40 GB of data. It’s the best price around, even though I think it’s still high. Like you country living is sometimes limited. DSL will never be where I am. I know a new internet is supposed to be launched in about 2 years that will be global and it’s supposed to be amazing. I think I’ll hold out and see what it’s all about.

      I can’t stand the flavor or texture of store bought meat anymore. I’m so glad we have another source. Coyotes are a problem with chickens here too, there’s always a few that get taken over a season.

  4. Kathleen G says

    Very informative post Dawn. Hard to cut the cords of big business, so they entice you with upgrades and such. Our cell phone bill should be less next month. Another 2 years with them. But you and others have cut the cord and really, good for you. Cable, Internet and landline ( need it too ) bill is just over 200. Come to find out, that we don’t have the pkg deal. Still though, the cable part is 82 dollars! That’s the cheapest too! Funny you said the History channel is one you’ll miss, we like that channel too. We’ll see what we decide on our cable bill. Now, milk, wow! 6 bucks! Wow! So far our gallon of milk, on sale is 1.99. I know, rambling here. You really hit the nail on being sucked in with Big Corporations. They make you feel like you can’t live without them! Love this post Dawn, Kathleen in Az

    • says

      Kathleen, yes when we went to Best Buy to purchase the antenna they tried to talk us into staying with Direct TV, saying that’s the best antenna around. For the first week it was strange without all those channels but we’ve grown used to it and don’t want to go back to paying that bill. Anytime I can completely eliminate a bill, I’m all for it. I’m going to look over a few other things and see what else we can do without. I just went to the grocery store for a few veggies, some pasta, and milk and was thrilled with a $40 bill instead of a $200 bill. I even made my own hamburger buns from scratch last night and we loved them. Another grocery store item I will no longer need to buy. Plus they didn’t have all those chemicals in them so even better yet. Next to go is the landline if I can come up with just an email system for our clients.

  5. sandra kornemann says

    I can a lot of our food. We also have 3 spots over in the community garden that I rent with two other friends. Last year I grew Popcorn,this year I am going to grow a gourd called luffa which can be eaten young but I have plans of drying it on the vine for sponges. I save by putting up our own food ,jars are used every year and less cans to be recycled.I have a water bath canner that was given to me a few years ago,and my friend has a pressure canner so we are set there. bought a mini -green house so have seeds coming up .Yesterday I saw broccoli sprouting. so much fun

    • says

      Sandra good for you growing your own things. I also grow veggies and can or freeze them. I just had a smoothie for breakfast made from our garden grown strawberries. I have a friend who grows popcorn, I’d forgot about that. So fun to have a greenhouse. Hubby made me one at our old house but nothing at the cabin. My biggest thing with gardening is keeping the critters out, that’s a full time job. Thanks for sharing your money saving tips ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. says

    Wow, can’t believe your milk is that high. I buy organic milk for a lot less than that. I gave up eating beef years ago so I don’t have that expense. I do a lot of little things to save money. I’ve stopped eating out and I wait for movies to come out on Netflix before seeing them. You have made some great changes and they are really adding up for you. xo Laura

    • says

      Laura, Hubby is the movie watcher in our home and always watched on HBO but now he watching with Netflix also. It’s amazing what you think you have to have but once it’s gone you hardly miss it. I could go without meat too but with all men in the house that could never happen for them. Thanks for telling me what your doing to cut cost ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. says

    So now you have my wheels turn (God help us all!). I need to go over our expenses and make some cuts (I hear my family screaming). Thanks for sharing these wonderful and useful tips, Dawn.

    • says

      Mary Beth so far it’s been no hardship so I think we’re going to stick with the plan and look for other ways to cut costs. I do search insurance costs every year and have been able to save thousands just by moving carriers too. If you’re willing to search you can normally find a better deal out there.

  8. Nancy Blue Moon says

    Dawn..the amounts you have saved are amazing..you have inspired me to sit down and go over our bills to see if we can make some cuts..That includes grocery bills as groceries too have become way too high..About those burger buns you made..any chance you will share that recipe with us??..lol..

    • says

      Nancy, I know groceries are horrible. I don’t know how the average family can afford to eat well anymore. Sure I will post the hamburger bun recipe ๐Ÿ™‚ We love it and it’s simple to make.

      • Nancy Blue Moon says

        Thanks Dawn..I’m sure my guys will love it too..

  9. says

    Great ways to save money Dawn….getting a smart TV is on our list so that we can take advantage of the new concepts in TV viewing….We have been buying our beef from a local farm that raises grass fed beef and so much more inexpensive that Whole Foods…Will have to check into that prepaid phone program….Hope you had a great weekend!

    • says

      Shirley, good for you purchasing your beef local. It’s so much better tasting isn’t it?

  10. says

    Hi Dawndie! Oh, it’s always good to hear how folks can save a buck or two. Moving to a completely different part of the country we’ve seen the difference in cost on lots of things and cable TV is cheaper up here in New York than it was in Texas. We love Netflix! I didn’t realize you raise your own meat! My granddaddy had a farm and we used to get milk, eggs and pork from them. Tasted so much better.
    Now you go ahead, be brave and name a piece or two of your furniture! ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • says

      Shelia, I’m looking for the perfect piece to name. I love farm stories and how people raided what they ate. I could listen forever about the good ole days.

  11. says

    Thanks for sharing these ideas, Dawn. I am looking into buying chickens since the 4 breast pieces cost me $17.00 recently, good grief! And the recipe I used them in didn’t even turn out very well. My son & DIL buy into a chicken raising project of a friend. Their prepayment pays for the chicks, the feed and the care. Then everyone who buys in helps with the butchering. They end up with “real” chickens, big and delicious at a cost savings. (Those rotissery chickens are getting smaller and smaller at the grocery store.)

    • says

      Barbara, I’ve noticed that the rotisserie chickens are getting tiny, I’m referring to them as pigeons now, LOL I think if you can raise your own it’s a great way to get delicious meat at a savings.

  12. Lisa says

    Hi Dawn, would you share the info on what antenna you purchased? We have been considering the same move, but the antenna choices are huge! thanks.

    • says

      Sure Lisa the one I purchased was the Leaf Amplified. If you go back to the post I left a link so you can see the exact one ๐Ÿ™‚ Let me know if you need more information.

  13. says

    Dawn, if it were up to me, I’d definitely eliminate the Direct TV bill! I rarely watch TV but the hubby has to have his sports, and the TV is company for my mom. I think I’m going to explore the prepaid phone idea because you are saving a TON there! I have looked into buying a side of beef for the freezer. My father raised cattle and I grew up eating grass-fed beef. There is simply nothing to equal that in the stores! But no chickens for us-Leo is allergic to them!

    • says

      Jane, we are loving our beef the bigs will be ready next week (no pork for hubby he is allergic) and next week we start building the chicken coop. I can’t wait to no longer hit the grocery store for meat. I’m also going on a fishing trip this summer and hope to get enough fish for the freezer.

  14. Penny R Doty says

    We do all that as a matter of fact we have dish and I would call to lower the bill and it would work for 2 months and then they would raise it, so I told hubby turn it off, wow now my bill is $24.99 a month, because they did not want to lose a customer.

    • says

      Penny, I have heard Dish is better to work with. I would have thought after 20 years they could have given me a little break but I guess not. Good for you getting yours down.

  15. Becky says

    I agree about direct tv. It aggravates me that a good paying customer for 20 years never gets a break. We have it for one reason, ESPN. My husband and sons would miss it. I wish there was another way because I would cancel it in a minute. We are farmers and raise our own beef so I agree home grown beef is a better value and better taste by far. Once you’ve tried it you’ll never buy from the grocery store again. I’m definitely looking in to that prepaid phone though. Thanks for the tips.

    • says

      Becky, thanks for dropping by I’ve just discovered how to save even more on the cell phone bill and the netflix bill so stay tuned for that post ๐Ÿ™‚

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