I’m Ready to Build a Pole Barn Home

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Yep I’m itching to build a new home. We’ve been in the log home for almost 6 years now and I have the urge to do all that hard work again. It must be like having a baby, you forget all the pain after time and you do it all over again.
This time I want to build a Pole Barn home….and all the photos here are just that. It’s hard to believe these barns are homes, right? I want all concrete floors and something easy to maintain. We would go with less square footage this time too.
The hardest part for us would be selling what we have. Not only is the economy horrible where we live but we also have 2 homes on the property, the log home and a guest house, and not many people purchase property with two homes. 
Believe it or not I think building the chicken coop put me in the mood to build a house again. I truly love the whole process, maybe it’s because I come up with the brilliant ideas and hubby has to put them into action. I draw the blueprint and he just builds. Sounds easy right?
Now the big decision do we build here in Michigan again or do we take the plunge and move to our retirement spot? I love Michigan but as we get older I may come to hate the snow. 
What do you think, would you live in a Pole Barn home?



  1. says

    Absolutely! I love the homes you’ve shown here. Who would have thought they were pole barn homes??

    No snow? Oh boy, does that sound tempting!


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      Claudia, I have a love hate relationship with the snow. I love it at the beginning of the season, but when it creeps into spring I’m so over it.

  2. Becky says

    I sure would! They are beautiful. BTW, we live in a log home too. I live in northeastern indiana so I hear you when you talk cold and snow. I don’t think I could leave my home full time but a month or so somewhere a little warmer in the winter would be nice.

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      Becky, That’s a good idea maybe just build a third home and spend some time in a warmer climate when winter is brutal here. I would love to see your log home ๐Ÿ™‚

        • says

          Lower Michigan about 40 minutes north of the Indiana border.

          • says

            Jackson and Coldwater in the summer!!!

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            Jeanie, you’re right near me then!

  3. says

    I’d live in anything that had new windows and bathrooms! I am so tired of my old stuff. Interested to see what you do!

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      Ann, I love lots of windows in a home we never use our air because we can open it right up and let the wind blow through. Our home is only 6 years old and Hubby thinks some of the windows should be replaced. I don’t think things are made very well these days. I think bathrooms are a room you can get tired of quickly anyway there’s just not much you can do with them without a total gut and remodel.

  4. says

    Those look wonderful, Dawn. I must say that I have come to hate the snow and cold as I have gotten older. Can’t wait to move to Atlanta. xo Laua

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      Laura, I have no idea where we would move. Hubby likes Arizona but I prefer Tennessee or Kentucky, I’m no tropical gal. I don’t like temps above 75.

      • Tonya says

        Dear Dawn,

        I live in north-east tennessee and we are known for our heat and humidity in the summer, humidity gets so thick you could cut it with a knife. If you don’t like temps above 75, tennessee might not be for you, in summer it easily gets 95 and above along with the himidity. But… being born and raised here I love tennessee, i couldn’t imagine living anywhere else. We have 4 beautiful seasons with each having it’s own beauty.

        • says

          Tonya I was married in TN and have spent a lot of time there one of the reasons I love MI is the 4 seasons also.

  5. says

    They are amazing. I love watching the shows on tv, usually British ones, where they do barn conversions into absolutely amazing spaces. Is this a dream or do you think it will happen?

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      Linda, I love British tv too. I think as long as we can sell our home it is something we will definately do. Selling will be the hard part ๐Ÿ™

  6. says

    Yes, I do believe I would live in one of those. Yes, building can be quite stressful, but so rewarding. I wish we would downsize, but can’t seem to get hubby on board yet. We aren’t spring chickens you know.

    • says

      Kim, I think my hubby would downsize just fine as long as he still has a man cave to hide in LOL

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    Oh Dawn,
    One of these farm home would be so perfect for you and your hubby. That fact you can build it on your own is even better. Love the idea. You might be surprise to find someone to buy your current home with the guest house on the property too. Some one with extended family might be interested. You never know. I love your cute cabin and wish you needed a fire chief in your town I would love to buy your home and have that sweet guest home too. You never know when the right person will come along.
    I think if you are going to do it go where you would love to retire. Get out of these midwest winters. They are really becoming more and more harsh. I say you go girl!!!!

    • says

      Kris, yes the winters are getting horrible for sure. I wish we needed a fire chief too but our fire department is all volunteer here ๐Ÿ™

  8. Cheryl Major says

    Dawn , I would live in a pole barn in a heart beat. I say build it where you want to retire. Where we live it is very common to have a guest cabin on the property. I think your home is so charming that you will have no problem selling it.

    • says

      Cheryl, I have guests in the house this summer and maybe then we can try to sell.

  9. Kathleen G says

    Ack! Just read your post Dawn. Your husband would like to move to Arizona. I live in Phoenix. The summers can be very challenging, meaning hot, hot and humid! But a snowbird ( someone who lives here part time, from a state or country that has bad winters ) told me, you don’t have to shovel heat. I like the idea of living in Tennessee too. Kathleen in Az

    • says

      Kathleen, I don’t think I would do well in Arizona I don’t like temps above 75 LOL but I guess no place is perfect.

    • says

      Paige, We have a pole barn now for our business but it’s certainly nothing we would live in, LOL. I love new projects but hubby has to do all the work so it’s not as fun for him. Popping over to your place now ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. Rae says

    My husband and I are currently building a ” barn home”. But it is all stick built like a regular home. It is on a slab and has both metal siding and roofing. Red with a green roof and perfect in our wooded setting. It’s not fancy at all on the exterior, but who cares? It’s what’s inside that is gonna surprise guests and make them feel at home.
    There are so many wonderful choices out there and I’m sure your vision will be perfect. Good luck to you.

    • says

      Rae, Wonderful for you, I bet it’s just charming. I also want a metal roof and metal exterior. I’m not looking for a fancy outside either. I would love to see yours ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. says

    Yes, yes, and yes! I love barn homes. In fact Tim and I are going to view a barn home tomorrow.
    Building one yourself would be wonderful., then it would be designed exactly as you would like.
    I hear what you’re saying about MI winters! I’m finding Ontario’s are lasting way too long for my liking too.

    • says

      Kim, I bet Ontario’s are longer than Michigan’s ๐Ÿ™ Take pics of the one you tour, I would love to see them.

  12. says

    Love the inspiration…..I can see how your creativity and love for all things home point you in the direction of a new project or even a new adventure to go along with it….The 3rd photo looks similar to an old This Old House project…

    • says

      Shirley, I hope it all comes together and we’re able to build all over again.

    • says

      Yvonne, it sounds like so much fun ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. Anne says

    The last two homes are breathtaking! I love Ree Drummond’s Lodge Decor. I am wondering if concrete floors would look too modern and would be cold to the touch. I think you would be wise to wait until you are ready to retire. I think Kentucky is beautiful! Good luck!

    • says

      Anne, we have acid washed concrete floors on one level of our current home, they look like worn leather and they’re heated ๐Ÿ™‚ Yes Kentucky would be beautiful.

  14. Barbi says

    I grew up in Minnesota, and now live in an Atlanta suburb it is very hot and humid here, it is relentless. In Mn. it can get bad but it will change around, down here you pretty much need your air April (because of horribly high pollen) through September. October it will start to get nice again, even the winters can be very high humidity. I don’t really care for the heat myself and we have lots of poisonous things that bite down south. Do your research about everything and then decide……..we moved here for hubby’s job there’s lots of reasons to move about. We designed and built our home in the woods and we love it, but not the weather always! Your current home is gorgeous, I doubt you would have trouble selling it. The homes you featured are very interesting looking. Good luck to you and your family on your next possible adventure!!

    • says

      Barbi, I hate humidity so I’m not fond of going deep south. Here in Michigan we get about one week of it in the summer and that’s enough for me. I still want the season changes like Michigan so I think Kentucky or Tennessee would be perfect but we would also need go where our business can still operate.

  15. says

    Just great home, they looks fantastic… great and lovely.. very charming…. Great work to show these to use as well. Thanks for showing. I wonder who else would be making such pole barns and then I come to realize one company.. I think its winslowinc.com which also make great quality home like the ones you showed, btw thanks for sharing… and Good luck!!!

  16. Mark says

    Laura I live in the white mountains of arizona. Smaller community beautiful pine trees and yes some snow and lake’s to go fishing. Phoenix is just a couple hours away with all the big city amenities. I am looking at trying yo get some land up here and do the pole barn myself. Mark

    • says

      Mark I wish you lucky they are beautiful home ๐Ÿ™‚

  17. says

    How are they insulated ? We live in Michigan and are looking at building. Love this idea. My daughter lives in a barn in a Tuscany, Italy. Stone and very well insulated. Love these pole barn buildings and would love to continue to research the idea. Any builders suggestions ?

    • says

      Jacqueline the people I know that have them have drywall inside and spray foam insulation. We would build our own, so I’m not sure of a contractor. Hubby built the log home were in now so he can do it all.

      • Elizabeth says

        Dawn I just came across your blog when I was researching pole barn homes. I would love to see your ideas! My husband has decided he wants to build a pole barn house. He wants to keep everything simple, very practical – very low maintenance. Metal siding/roof and wants to put in a commercial kitchen. We have 7 kids so he thinks it will cut down our time in the kitchen. We also live in MI (cereal city). I would love to see pictures of your log home!

        • says

          Elizabeth I’m 20 minutes from cereal city!

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