Halloween Decorations

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Over 100 Halloween Decorating Ideas, Recipes, Printables, Costumes, Face Painting and Inspiration.It’s almost October and that means Halloween….and I’ve never had a trick-or-treater at our house. We live so far out in the sticks that no one bothers.  I don’t even buy candy to be prepared. I’ve always figured if someone happens to stumble upon my house I can give out dollar bills (don’t spread that one around or I’ll have kids knocking down the door this year).  To get you in the mood for Halloween my favorite blogging friends and myself have assembled some of our most popular pumpkin related posts below. You’ll find some great ideas everything from decorating to recipes. 

Outdoor Fall Decor Ideas | Creative Cain CabinOutdoor Halloween decoration inspiration.

Easy Halloween Face Painting Ideas | Non Scary | Don't Need to Be an Artist to Create | Creative Cain CabinEasy Halloween face painting ideas, and you don’t need to be an artist to create the look.

How to Preserve Pumpkins For Decorating | Creative Cain CabinThis inexpensive trick will make your pumpkins and gourds have a longer lifespan for decorating. 


Domestically Speaking | A Little Claireification | Debbiedoo’s | The DIY Village | Creative Cain Cabin | The Happier Homemaker | Redhead Can Decorate | On Sutton Place Cottage at the Crossroads | Tried & True






  1. says

    Love the sheaths of corn on the fence!….We have hundreds of “treaters”….

    • says

      Shirley you better not give out money then or you will be broke before the night is over, lol.

  2. says

    We have only had 2 trick-or-treaters since we’ve been living here! And that was someone we knew! Most everyone here goes to our little town which is only a few miles away. Love those face painting ideas, though!

    • says

      Jane the kids do the same here, they go into town where they can hit several houses in a row.

  3. Nancy Blue Moon says

    We don’t get any Trick-or-Treaters either Dawn…very disappointing…lots of great ideas though ladies…

    • says

      Nancy glad to hear Im not the only one with no trick-or treaters.

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