First Michigan Snow Storm of 2015

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First Accumulating Snow In Michigan Happy Sunday everyone! Overnight on Friday and all day Saturday Michigan was hit with a heavy, very wet snow storm. The kind of snow that’s great for making snowmans. I stepped outside and snapped a few photos from my side porch before going back inside to do some housework. (Note to myself…don’t wear slippers outside for taking photos. I had very cold wet feet when I came inside)

First Accumulating Snow In MichiganIt was a beautiful snow that had big flakes. The roads were terrible when I had to get out. I needed to take feed and bedding to the chicken. While I was there Grama Red’s tv quit working and I told her the snow was probably piled on the dish and was unable to get a signal. I went outside and looked, sure enough it was covered in snow. 

First Accumulating Snow In Michigan I went back into the house to get the broom to dust it off, but I was to short. The dish is mounted on the garage roof and I was stretch to the max and just a little ways from reaching it. I went to the barn for a ladder and got up on the roof to get the snow off. If Grama knew what I was doing she would have a fit, but I know on cold winter days she enjoys her tv. 

First Accumulating Snow In Michigan Back into the house I went and still no tv. I unplugged it like the instructions said, waited and started it up again with no success. The snow coming down must have been too heavy and was restricting the signal. So we just chatted a while and then she decided to settle into her chair for a nap. Boy a nap sounded good but I had to many other things to get done. 

First Accumulating Snow In Michigan I went home and planned out my Christmas decor for inside. I’m going to use a white artificial tree in the master bedroom with ornaments to match the bedding and we’ll get a real tree for the main part of the house. I’ll match the ornaments to the throw pillows in that room also. I want to use what I already have. Last year I got smart and sorted all my ornaments into storage boxes according to color, so when I’m ready to decorate all I have to do is grab the boxes with the colors I need, no sorting through everything to find the right stuff. 

First Accumulating Snow In Michigan That reminds me I better see if all the parts are there for the white tree. It was a freebie so things may be missing and if that’s the case I will have to rethink my master bedroom plan. Did you get hit with the any snow this weekend?

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  1. says

    You captured beautiful photos of the first snow Dawn. The heavy wet stuff does cause havoc on the roads. We don’t have any snow yet … but I’m sure it is coming soon. Stay warm and cozy.

    • says

      Linda my son was called to two car accidents on the highway early this morning to do the snow. The first snow of the season always causes accidents until people remember how to drive on it.

  2. Dianna says

    I’ve had to sweep the sat dish already this year, too…. A long-handled carwashing brush is my friend….
    When you sweep the dish do you also run the brush across the front of the receiver that faces the dish? At times I’ve found snow built up on it as well, and gently clearing it does the job.. Love your snow pics.

    We’re hoping for a lot more snow up here in our part of the Pacific Northwest this year.

  3. says

    The first snow of the season is always so pretty! We may get a dusting next week but it’s rather rare here in the PNW.

    • says

      Barbara we’ve had two dustings so far but this was the real thing this time. Even had to plow the driveway.

  4. says

    To me, snow is magical, like the Christmas Day we were snowed in at Lake Tahoe. But, you have the reality of working in that snow. Be careful when you climb ladders!

    • says

      Carol I was thinking that ladder was a bad idea and just praying I wouldn’t fall off. Gram could have never came looking for me ๐Ÿ™

  5. says

    Dawn, Love all your snow. We did not get any here in central Kentucky but we did get very very cold temperatures. Enjoy the snow have a bless Sunday with you and yours.

    • says

      Joy we have cold temps here too. It happened so fast we went from 60 to snow overnight.

  6. Liz says

    I am in south Louisiana and snow here is rare. We are suppose to get down to 33 degrees tonight, which is cold for us.
    Thanksgiving Day, the high will be 70. So enjoy your wonder winter land.

    • says

      Liz wow that’s cold for your neck of the woods. It was 19 here this morning and the snow is beautiful ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. Nancy Blue Moon says

    I was wondering if you got hit with the big snowstorm Dawn…I guessed snow in Central PA yet and that suits me just fine…Stay warm girl…

  8. says

    I think we all may be in for another harsh winter….the snow is a nuisance, but boy is it beautiful!….You are a great granddaughter….glad you did not fall off that ladder!!!

    • says

      Shirley Im glad I didn’t fall too. Our forecast is for warmer temps and a little less snow but who really knows?

  9. Kathleen G says

    Wow, beautiful snow pictures! We just changed cable company and now have a satellite dish. Just thinking of having to brush off the snow, the extended brush is a good idea. Keep safe and dry everyone in snow land! Kathleen in Az

  10. Theresa says

    Our Direct TV man told us to spray the dish with Pam, that this helps the snow to slide off. You might have to reapply it at some time. We have done this, and it does work. Good luck!

    • says

      Theresa, brilliant idea I’ll give it a try,

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