How to Creat an Instagram Photo Wall

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How to Create an Instagram Wall

If you follow my blog regularly, you’ve had a chance to read about me taking photos at my sons firefighter training particle and of course I had several photos I wanted to print so that’s how the Instagram Photo Wall came to be.

How to Create an Instagram Wall

I no longer print photos at home it’s much more cost effective to take them to a place now days, so I searched online for a place that makes Instagram prints and into the Jeep I hopped. If given he choice I pick black and white photos every time so I was happy to see I didn’t need to convert the photos before I took them to the print shop it could be done within the program, and they also could be resized into Instagram prints all at the same time. For under $10 I had 50 Instagram size firefighter training photos to display.

How to Create an Instagram Wall

If you look closely I used tiny close pins to hang the photos and once again I got at them with the copper spray paint. The frame was a $1 garage sale purchase I painted the canvas with chalkboard spray paint. I had intended to learn chalkboard lettering and this would be my practice place but another brilliant idea came to me instead.

How to Create an Instagram Wall

I purchased tiny eye screws and craft wire to attach to the frame. I found 6.5” between each wire row is perfect for Instagram size prints. I love the idea of swapping out the photos at any time and I’m sure I’ll take advantage of it. I have the piece in my office so I can look at it from my desk while I work, and I spend a lot of time in the office.






  1. Melissa says

    Now that turned out so nice.. Beautiful photos ! I actually have a framed chicken wire..that I planned on displaying photos and a few weeks back found some real small clothespins just for it. And here you are giving me a little shove… Hahaha. And I am so glad you had other posts… Becauuuuse I just found a locket that was my mother’s and remembered someone had a little how to… And look there it is. Dangggg!!! I love your curtains wish I could find a tablecloth like it. Lol. As always enjoy your blog? Have a Happy Easter!!

    • says

      Melissa so glad you found the post about the locket. I wear mine everyday and love it. I purchased the fabric for the curtains a if your interested.

  2. Becky says

    Could you explain more about Instagram prints please?! I guess I am out of the loop about this. Thanks!

    • says

      Becky do you have an Instagram account? It’s a social media platform where square photos are published. They print off in a 4X4 size.

      • Becky says

        Thanks for responding, Dawn. Yes, I have an Instagram account, but I didn’t realize that you could print your pictures in an Instagram format. I will definitely look into it though. Thanks again.

  3. says

    I love the photos Dawn! I was immediately drawn to the beautiful cedar chest. I have my Mothers that I believe is just like yours. It is a Lane and most were made in 1947. My parents had the whole set and it was beautiful. The inside is green and some have a hidden drawer. There are 2 for sale here in an antique shop!!

    • says

      Jeanie this one is my moms too and it also has green on the inside with hidden drawers. It looks like we have the same piece:)

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