Simple Outdoor Patriotic Decor

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Simple Outdoor Patriotic Decor The 4th of July decor is pretty simple around my place this year. Right now we’re having a drought and nothing’s growing but the weeds. I did mow for the first time in two weeks because I couldn’t stand the tickly weeds (that’s what I call them, the tall ones that tickle your legs when you walk through the grass). Oh my you should have seen the dust fly while I was mowing and I paid for it the next day by having a horrible sinus headache, I think all the dust caused it. I even woke up with my eyes swollen. So to make things simple around here I added a bunting and a few flag to the plants. 

Simple Outdoor Patriotic Decor

Simple Outdoor Patriotic Decor I must say I’m liking the simple look. I enjoy sitting on the porch reading my book, listening to the bunting snap in the wind, and watching the hummingbirds chase one another around the feeder. This is the time of the year where I love our covered porch. I could sip tea, read, and watch nature all day long. 

Simple Outdoor Patriotic Decor

Simple Outdoor Patriotic Decor

I would have loved to add the bunting across the entire front deck but it would block the hanging ferns and I had no other place to hang them so I chose to only add the flags to the middle portion. Everything was so easy to do I used my staple gun to hang the bunting and poked the American flags into several potted plant on both porches. 

Simple Outdoor Patriotic Decor

Simple Outdoor Patriotic DecorFor those of you traveling this holiday weekend be safe and have yourself a grand time with whatever you find to do. We will be going to our villages fireworks display, my son the firefighter will help light them off this year! And Happy 4th of July everyone 🙂







  1. Melissa says

    Sweet and simple.. Your house looks so nice…I would love to have a front porch like yours❤️

    • says

      Melissa I’m loving the porch this time of year I sit on it for hours reading and listening to the birds.

  2. Kathleen G says

    Happy 4th of July Dawn! Your yard looks good and bit of Patriotic decor is just right. Have fun with the fireworks!
    Kathleen in Az

  3. says

    The bunting looks wonderful and so does your property!….You must smile every time you pull in the driveway!

    • says

      Shirley yes I always enjoy our modest home and right now my days a filled with reading on the porch and enjoying the wildlife around me.

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