Spotted Fawn

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Spotted FawnI have to share with you the baby we had resting in our lawn. Mama deer had twins and we watched them get up right after they’d been born but apparently one didn’t make it so this adorable twin is without it’s brother or sister. Every year mama brings her babies, almost to the exact spot, and instructs the fawn to nap all day, and she’ll be back for it. Deer do that to their young you know? Just when you think mama is never coming back she finally arrives and takes her baby into the woods. This year the baby was sleeping in the lawn for about 16 hours.

Spotted FawnAnd wouldn’t you know it, it was only feet from the house on the side I had planned to paint and hanger shutters on that day. Well that didn’t happen, I let the baby sleep all day and decided I would resume my painting the following day. Just about dusk mama returned and they both meandered back into the woods. I have spent more time this year changing my plans due to critters. In an upcoming post I’ll share with you the Robin nest just outside my door. I spent weeks using another entrance just to avoid disturbing the nesting mama. I must say I have a soft spot when it comes to critters and tend to cater to their needs. 




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      Diana the mamas always come back but they sure do leave the fawns unattended for long periods of time. I sure they have a reason or maybe it’s a teaching lesson for the fawn, but I get a little nervous when I see the sun setting and no mama yet.

  1. Karen says

    What a great picture. Getting that close doesn’t happen often. We have deer in our area but not that close. I did have a robin’s nest in a basket on my front porch this spring so we didn’t use that door at all at all. I Had to be very careful watering the flower pots that are sitting there.

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      Karen the same happened here, my hanging ferns had birds nesting in them so I was careful how I watered, LOL.

  2. says

    Wow Dawn you got an incredible photo of this sweet fawn….I have bird nests in most of my hanging ferns..I have to be so careful when I water them…this happens every year.

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      Shirley the birds are nesting in my ferns too. I sure makes it hard to water them.

  3. Debbie says

    You are so lucky to see this! I had a robins nest outside of my sunroom way up high on a window ledge. I don’t know how she
    could stand it baking in the hot afternoon sun. We too waited until they flew the coop before changing out a light fixture.
    Your orchard looks fabulous as well. You will be busy making pies or “puttin up ” fruit when the harvest comes in. Take care, Dawn!

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      Debbie the things we do for our critters. It was hard for me, I had a robin at one entrance and a hummingbird and finch nesting at the other entrance. I had to be careful not to scare them off. We had a huge wind here yesterday and some of the peaches feel off the tree, I hope there’s enough left to do something with.

    • Deborah says

      You are double lucky to have a hummingbird nest. I feed them but have never seen a nest in my yard. I am sure the peaches that fell are not ripe enough yet. The weather is very wacky this year!

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        Deb, they have the tiniest eggs. I normally have about 6 nests on the property every year. Sometimes I don’t spot them untill fall when the leaves fall from the trees. I notice they nest in dense brush areas rather than shade trees. They must feel more protected there.

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      Carol I was sad to see it’s twin didn’t make it but I’m glad this one is sticking around.

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      Angie I hadn’t even thought of printing it, great idea!

  4. Sandra Jo Ferguson says

    This just made my day…how special

  5. Kathleen G says

    Bambi! I knew you have a soft spot for creatures great and small:).
    Beautiful picture! Kathleen in Az

    • says

      Kathleen I sure have had a lot of critter activity around here lately. I’m not so sure I’m liking the racoons in the trash dumpster ๐Ÿ™

  6. says

    Oh Dawn – What a precious thing to be able to look out on your lawn and see that darling baby! Advantage to living out of the city. Thanks for sharing with us.


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      Judy there’s always some critter in my yard!

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      Cheryl I’m always amazed how close I can get and it doesn’t bother the fawn, it has no fear of humans at that age

  7. susanjc says

    Precious photos, Dawn! We’ve had several news reports out of Cleveland about people bringing the newborn fawns to the police station thinking that they’ve been abandoned. It seems people these days have no common sense about wildlife and take such risks at times not knowing how dangerous the situations could be.

    • says

      Susan yes the mama always comes back but he does leave them alone for long periods of time us humans just have to be patient and ue a little common sense. I wonder why they would think the police would be the spot to take them too?

      • susanjc says

        I guess because they live in the city and don’t know where else to take them to. I think they need to have some good wildlife presentations in the city.

        • says

          Susan I agree how sad for them to be taken from their mother when she would come back if people would just let nature take it’s course.

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