How To Add An In Ground Flagpole & Landscape Around It

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How to Install An In-Ground Flagpole and Landscape Around ItWe’ve added a flagpole to the small landscaped area around our entrance marker. My son has been wanting one, and on our way home from Greenfield Village hubby and I stopped at Harbor Freight and picked one up. I’ve been waiting all summer for someone to put it up, and one evening my son was in the mood and right before dark he decided to do it. I of course went out to do pictures, and feed the mosquitos I think. I spent the majority of the time trying to keep them off my son while he worked.

The flagpole is quite a bargain at Harbor Freight for under $60 and it even comes with an American flag. I did go ahead and purchase a better quality flag though, I like the ones that are double sided and embroidered. This pole has the ability to add an additional flag below the American one, so I’ve ordered the Firefighter flag as well. 

If you remember there was a birdhouse on a pole where the flag is now. I moved that into the landscaped area next to the house. I think it was a good time to make the swap since no birds are nesting right now, I wouldn’t have moved it if a bird was using it. 

I think a flagpole needs a little landscaping around it, especially with us having such a huge yard. I think it would look out of place without a grouping around it. The huge boulder is the perfect item to anchor it all so it makes sense. Right now the blooming perennials around it are (in order from left to right) Russian Sage, Red Bee Balm, Daisy, Red Bee Balm, Coreopsis, and on the back side (not shown in the photo) is Blackeyed Susan.

I think the Daisies will need to be move this year, they’re starting to cover our name on the rock. Any suggestions for something close to the ground to plant in it’s place?


What you’ll need for putting the flagpole in the ground:

  • One 20ft telescopic flagpole (Harbor Freight)
  • Shovel
  • 2 Bags Quikrete fast setting concrete
  • 2 Gallons of water

12 Step For Adding An In-Ground Flagpole & How To Landscape Around It.

  • Dig a hole two feet deep in desired flag location.
  • Open 1 bag of Quikrete concrete.
  • Add the bag of Quikrete fast setting concrete into the hole.
  • Move dry concrete around to cover the bottom of the hole with a shovel.12 Step For Adding An In-Ground Flagpole & How To Landscape Around It.
  • Place guide tube (supplied) into the center of the hole.
  • Place flagpole into the guide and level. 
  • Once level add 1 gallon of water on top of the concrete in the hole.
  • level again.
    12 Step For Adding An In-Ground Flagpole & How To Landscape Around It.
  • Add second bag of concrete, and the remaining 1 gallon of water.
  • Level.
  • Backfill half way and check level again.
  • Add remaining dirt to the hole and let concrete set for 24 hours before extending the flagpole. 

12 Step For Adding An In-Ground Flagpole & How To Landscape Around It.



  1. Kathleen G says

    Very patriotic and adding the firefighter flag, a service to the community for your son, love it! I see you had a helper, hope your beautiful dog is doing well, such protectors they are, Kathleen in Az

    • says

      Kathleen my helper is always by my side. My hubby said just this week he’s never seen a dog that has to be glued to a person like she does. She’s much better but will never be the same I’m afraid, but for her age it’s all we can expect.

  2. says

    Looks beautiful Dawn!…Long may she wave!

  3. Jen D. says

    My husband has wanted to put up a flag pole for years. Your post is so helpful in knowing how to do it. I love how yours looks.
    P.S. We once had a German Shepherd and he was such a wonderful dog – he was always by my side, too, and I’ve never felt as safe again as I did with him around.

    • says

      Jen our dog is definitely a guard dog the only way to get past here is shoot her because she would defend me to her death.

  4. Cheryl Major says

    Dawn, your flag and garden with the rock looks so nice. I always wondered how people instal a flag pole. Now, I know . Thanks for the tips !

    • says

      Cheryl thankfully my hubby or son can do those things. I have a post coming up on how to put a birdhouse pole in the ground without digging a hole. I leave the digging up the men, but when they’re not around I come up with my own plan.

  5. says

    it looks very patriotic!! We have had a flag in our yard for many many years and I cannot imagine not having one. My pet peeve is tattered flags!! Love the landscape around your flag pole!

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