DIY Farmhouse Pillow Transfer

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DIY Farmhouse Pillow Transfer Download and Tutorial IncludedSo everyone’s in love with typography farmhouse pillows right now and I’m no exception. I’ve admired them on other blogs, looked at them on Etsy, but wasn’t willing to pay the price when I knew I could make them myself. All I needed was to find the time and create a graphic that I liked. 

DIY Farmhouse Pillow Transfer Download and Tutorial IncludedI had some unbleached muslin in my fabric stash, just enough to make two pillow covers so that’s exactly what I did. Once I had them sewn and pressed I sat down at the computer and came up with two graphics that fit my style. “A Farm Produce Truck” and a vintage “Route 66” sign. 

DIY Farmhouse Pillow Transfer Download and Tutorial IncludedIf you scour Pinterest you will find many different ways to add a design to fabric, everything from a transfer, printing on fabric with your printer, to burnishing it on. I chose to go with what I thought was the easiest. I used a T-shirt Transfer that I ran through my printer and then ironed on the pillow cover. It was so easy I could literally make these all day. 

DIY Farmhouse Pillow Transfer Download and Tutorial Included

Farm Fresh Produce Truck Download

The download will print off backwards and needs to be this way to transfer onto the fabric. When you iron it on it will be the correct way. Follow the directions on the package for proper prep and adhesion.

The produce truck will print off in a charcoal gray.  

Route 66 Farmhouse Pillow TransferAnd I have two color choices for the Route 66 sign a light gray which is what you see here or black. I’m not as fond of the light gray and if I had it to do again I would chose the black.

I hope you print them off and make your own farmhouse pillows to enjoy and remember if you don’t sew you can purchase premade pillow covers


Route 66 Farmhouse Pillow TransferRoute 66 Farmhouse Transfer in Black     |     Route 66 Farmhouse Pillow Transfer in Light Gray

FREE Farmhouse Pillow Transfer, Download and Tutorial Included


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  1. says

    These are so adorable, Dawn! Love the Produce truck one…..xo

    • says

      Thank you Diane we had no internet for 3 days so I got creative!

  2. Melissa says

    awesome..leave it to you Dawn for putting out something so cool to do..high five girlfriend. I love the truck..wish I had a vintage truck like Because we have a nice garden and I also shop farmers markets..that truck is right up my alley…plus route 66 ..right on!!!
    Thanks Dawn!

    • says

      Melissa I wish I had a truck like that too, my boys are on the hunt for me.

  3. Jen D. says

    Very cute, Dawn!! I’m thinking you must have some sort of graphic arts background – all of your designs are so nice and so well done. And I love how you share all of them with us. Thank you!!

    • says

      Jen I love sharing them and creating them. I have one semester of graphic design and photography, I’m pretty much self taught.

      • Jen D. says

        You have a natural gift, Dawn. ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. says

    I love them. I don’t have a farmhouse, but the Route 66 has meaning for me – Route 66 ran quite near my childhood home and I graduated from high school in ’66. I am using the Route 66 logo for some of the decorations at my upcoming 50th reunion.

    The reunion is this weekend and I will have so much free time next week so I’m going to make a Route 66 pillow. I have some tea towels I bought just to make pillows with transfers.

    • says

      Carol enjoy your reuninon I’ve been following all the prep you’re doing. I hope your classmates love it all.

  5. says

    Love the black and white look of these pillows. I’m a big fan of iron on transfers as it makes adding your own touch to a piece very easy and doable. Visiting from Handmade Hangout.

    • says

      Victoria thank you for dropping by, and I agree it’s amazing the artwork that can be created and transferred to a pillow. I’m designing ones for Christmas too, so stop back by and download those. Have a wonderful weekend!

  6. says

    I’m obsessed with throw pillows and you’ve given me so much inspiration! Your pillows look great! I’m heading over now to check out your tutorial!
    Kate |

    • says

      Katie I am too and I seem to keep buying them and buying them. I’m out of control with pillows, lol.

  7. says

    Cute and easy DIY. Thank you for sharing with us at #HomeMattersParty. See you again next week.

    • says

      Sahana, I love your name BTW and thank you for the invite. Have a wonderful rest of your weekend ๐Ÿ™‚

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