Velvet Pumpkin

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Velvet PumpkinOkay, I think the whole world has been on the Velvet Pumpkin craze long before I got into the game. I’m not sure why I didn’t have one up to this point but I didn’t. I found this golden beauty at Kmart of all places. I’m telling you that place has hidden treasure I didn’t know existed, I’ve found a lot of stylish things there lately. 

Velvet PumpkinIt seems no matter how hard I try and rid my home of the yellow, it keeps popping up again. I thought the gold velvet was a stunning color, it even reminded me of the 70’s. My Mom had a pair of chocolate brown velvet pants. I’m sure it was in style back then, now I wish I had those pants they’d be turned into pumpkins in no time. 

Velvet PumpkinIf you have a chance head over to JoAnne Fabrics they have the most gorgeous gray velvet pumpkins. I couldn’t resist and picked one up while it was 50% off, so my velvet pumpkin collection is up to two now. For those of you that have the dusty turquoise colored ones, where are they from? 

The farmhouse tea towel is from Target if you happen to be admiring it. I’ve had it in my cart several times and always put it back, but I broke down and purchased it this last time. I hardly need another kitchen towel but this one was to perfect to pass up. It would make a great gift for Christmas, make your favorite bread and wrap it in the towel. 

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  1. says

    I think every home should have a ‘pop’ of yellow here and there throughout it’s decor year round. especially if you live in an area of the country that has low light in the winter time. My house tends to be dark, so we painted a few rooms in a VERY light, soft yellow to make me happy in the winter time. I think this winter I will try to buy a yellow throw for the family room. Personally, I LOVE your touches of yellow. xo

    • says

      Diana I love the yellow too but was getting tired of it in such big doses. I love our winters and have never suffered from the gloomy weather, but maybe all that yellow was helping.

  2. says

    K-Mart?….How beautiful!…Love the color!..and the Gray one sounds beautiful too!

    • says

      Shirley the gray is my favorite right now, I’m using it in the living room. I will have to share it soon.

  3. Deb Sherwood says

    My curiosity has gotten the better of me. What material are your counter tops? They look like granite on top, but the edge resembles concrete. I love how shiny and clean looking they are.

    • says

      Deb they’re concrete with an exposed aggregate edge, we did them ourselves (hubby does that stuff). I do use granite cleaner on them thought, it’s the only thing that doesn’t streak.

  4. Cheryl Major says

    That is too cute ! I’ve noticed every kind of pumpkin but velvet where I live, in Northern Ontario, Canada. I’m sure they are here, I will just have to look. Your tea towel is just so sweet with the animals.

    • says

      Cheryl I would thinks the velvet pumpkins would be in Canada too, maybe you could make a few.

  5. Jen D. says

    I’ve been wishing I still had my old dress so that I could make some velvet pumpkins with it.

    • says

      LOL Jen I know if we just hang on to stuff long enough it makes a comeback in some way or another.

  6. Melissa says

    Love the pumpkin…it’s funny my son hates Walmart but will go to Kmart. I found some velvet pumpkins at TJMAXX I think last year. So pretty. My mom passed 4 years ago and I made pumpkins from her sweaters..and added some of her broaches to it ..turned out really cute.
    I also have the same towel in my

    • says

      Melissa our Walmarts around here are dirty and dumpy so I don’t go into them often either, now the Kmart is in an upscale town so it’s nice. I bet those pumpkins are just darling and have so much meaning with the broaches attached, what a cute idea.

  7. says

    I’m really enjoying your fall touches, Dawn. Love the velvet pumpkins and that cute tea towel. xo Laura

    • says

      Laura I need to go back to Target and get more tea towels for gifts this Christmas.

  8. says

    Dawn I’ve been wanting to make velvet pumpkins too….Now I really want to.
    The colour is warm and so rich looking!

    • says

      Thanks Kim I wanted to make some but couldn’t find velvet in colors I liked so I gave up.

  9. Kathleen G says

    The last few Autumns I’ve meaning to buy a few little velvet pumpkins. I have a fabric one that my mom made. I went to Kmart when I was visiting my family in Cali and found a few goodies there too. Yellow/gold are nice accent colors and I love your pumpkin, very cute!
    Kathleen in Az

    • says

      Kathleen I debated on making some but couldn’t find any velvet in colors I liked and for the price of it it was cheaper to purchase a ready made one.

  10. says

    Dawn, you are WAY ahead of me. I have NO velvet pumpkins!!! Many years ago, I had a midnight blue velvet dress and I sure wish I still had it because I would turn it into pumpkins! We have matching tea towels, though!

    • says

      LOL Jane if only we could look forward and see the trends. I think my mom’s brown velvet pants would have made great pumpkins too. Did you find the tea towel at Target?

  11. Debbie says

    Darling and stunning. I love K-mart but ours all folded here in St. Charles, MO. Bummer because you could always find cute things. I am not decorating yet but certainly plan to. Have a great weekend Dawn.

    • says

      Debbie I think many of the Kmarts went out of business. I actually have two within 20 minutes of our home.

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