Simple Fall Dining Room

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Farmhouse Fall Touches In The Dining RoomI really went simple in the dining room this time. I know many bloggers right now have beautiful, stunning dining room tables with all the glitz and glam decorated for fall, but not me. I had 5 faux pumpkins and gourds that I wanted to use and a pair of deer antlers. I tossed them all into a wire trash can from Target and realized there wasn’t enough to fill it up so I went to plan B.  

Farmhouse Fall Touches In The Dining RoomI went down to the basement, and started rummaging through my tote of fall things and found a bag of large pinecones and said to myself those will do. I’ve really been all about decorating with what I have and not collecting more things to store. I try and reuse them in different ways if I can. I know the pinecones will be reused in some way when it come times to decorate for winter. 

Farmhouse Fall Touches In The Dining RoomSometimes I look at other blogs and see how elaborate their decor is, and how elegant it all looks and I feel a little down on myself. I hope you all stop by to read what I write not always looking for a magazine worthy decorating post but because you enjoy my simple life. I know you are all so special to me and I have the best readers who leave such uplifting comments. 

Farmhouse Fall Touches In The Dining RoomI’m proud to call each and every one of you my friends and my blog whether it’s simple country living or crazy over the top wouldn’t be what it is without you.  So on days when my home is just simple everyday living I hope it doesn’t stop you from coming back later in the week in hopes of finding something that inspires you. 





  1. says

    I too am amazed at pics I see with hundreds of pumpkins spilling across a table or spilling off a garden bench. I decided to stop comparing a decorate for the size/style of my house and my own personal tastes. That keeps me from feeling “less” about my decor.

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      Carol, that’s great advice. I know around here pumpkins aren’t that expensive but if I bought a truck load like I see some have I’t would get costly. I’ve decided to plant my own next year in hopes of not having to purchase them. I think you home is always fantastically decorated and fits the beach cottage just perfectly.

  2. says

    I always love to see your seasonal centerpieces that everyone can create, whether it is by gathering things on had that you have in the house or garden. Beautiful, simple and something you can enjoy while having a meal…no need to move things off the table. Everyday life at it’s best!

    • says

      Shirley I always love seeing your decorating style. I feel like I just walked into a magazine filled with lovely, gathered over time pieces. It never feels stuffy and unwelcoming.

  3. Michelle says

    Shopping our homes first is always the best route to go! Your home is beautiful and cozy…love it all!

    • says

      Michelle I love to shop my home and make things work. I’ve found over the years to hang on to neutral items that can be used in any space, and then if I want something new I can add a trendy piece that doesn’t cost much to what I have and I enjoy it just as much without breaking the bank.

  4. says

    I prefer a bit more simple than all the gltz and glam too. I used to have a formal dining room. but now my dining room set is in the basement since this house has no formal dining room. So, I just decorate a little bit here and a little there in the family room/great room on the main floor. By the way….. I LOVE your table!

    • says

      Diane, my table is an old library table and chairs form a local school when it went out of business. Solid oak and heavy, I love it too. It’s one of the only pieces in my home that I’ll never get rid of. I wonder if with age we don’t like to decorate to the hilt anymore, we like our life and surroundings simpler? That seems to be the case for me.

  5. Jen D. says

    I’ve been doing the same thing, Dawn, shopping my house and not acquiring new things – I’m in my mid-50’s so I already have plenty to use. I do have four new pumpkins this year, but I made them from what I already owned: an old sweater, a pair of old mittens (the cuff and thumb rolled inside the finger area filled them right up, no extra stuffing needed), stuffing saved from an old pillow for the sweater pumpkins, felt scraps for one set of leaves and an old doily for the other, stems from acorn squash, and some garden twine.
    I love your style. My style is pretty simple, too, and I get more than a bit overwhelmed by some of the decorating blogs. I try to see beyond the abundance and find creative ways to use what I own. It’s really refreshing that I don’t have to do that with your blog.
    By the way, I wanted to sew some pillow covers with the scraps from the sweater I used for the pumpkins, but yarn bits kept plugging up my sewing machine. Do you know if there is a way to sew them with my machine or must I do them by hand?

    • Jen D. says

      P.S. LOL…I forgot to say that I love your table centerpiece. I never would have thought to use a wire trash can – adorable! I love the whole look.

      • says

        Jen I know that $3 trash can is fantastic. I’ve used it in the house before but never as a trash can. LOL

    • says

      Jen I bet your recycled pumpkins are fantastic and I love it when a project can be done without purchasing anything. I try and think of ways to do it for free always before I resort to buying anything. Normally I can come up with something close to make it work. Do you have a walking foot for your machine? I find that normally does the trick, it doesn’t feed the material under the foot so hard and allows the yarn to not pucker and clog the machine.

      • Jen D. says

        I will check that out, Dawn – my mom taught me how to use all of the attachments when I was a young girl, but I never remember to use any of them except the buttonhole or zipper ones. LOL…I’m excited to set my machine up and try again. Thank you!! ๐Ÿ™‚

        • says

          Jen if you don’t have the attachment you can buy a universal one anywhere they fit any machine.

  6. Cheryl says

    Simple is best! Too many times I go overboard and it shows. Dawn, I love the open wire basket. Perfect!

    • says

      Cheryl, that basket is a $3 trash can of all things. Just goes to show I can reuse things and give them a whole new look. LOL.

  7. Karen says

    I love your simplicity in decoration. We use our dining room table…all that stuff has to be moved for that to happen! I’d rather move a few things than a table load! ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Of course, I love to see everyone’s decorations, from the simplest to the grandest!

    • says

      Karen, I love seeing everyone’s beautiful tables too. I guess I never thought of moving it all when it’s time to eat. We use our kitchen island so I don’t have to move things, but your right that would be a pain.

  8. Deborah Kaplun says

    This centerpiece is lovely! You reminded me to get my yello runner out to use with pumpkins and gourds! I love that you added the green touches! Never compare….you are unique!!!

    • says

      Deborah, I’ve heard my entire life I’m unique (my family means weird, lol) I’ve always danced to my own beat that’s for sure. Did you find your yellow runner at TJMaxx? That’s where mine is from.

  9. Becky says

    I agree whole heartedly. I have to use real restraint sometimes bc there is so much amazing fall and Christmas decor out there. I try to use what I have and keep things simple too. Like you, using it a different way. I love shopping my house. I think your centerpiece is just the right touch. Happy Fall.

    • says

      Becky, I’m glad to hear I’m not the only one that shops their house first. Every years I may find a piece or two that I really love and want to purchase but I can’t spend the money to decorate for every season. I have a young (20) friend that just purchased a new home so we’re crafting to make decorations for her tree this year. I just spent this weekend at my miter saw cutting wood to make them. It’s so much more enjoyable to do it that way. Not only do we spend quality time together, we created memories, and we spend nothing.

  10. Barb B says

    It is so refreshing to see a home decorated with a minimal amount of “stuff” and still capture the essence of the season. I admire how other bloggers can decorate their homes worthy of magazines but for me and my lifestyle it gets to be a little overwhelming. How you decorate always looks fabulous and complete. It goes to show that every horizontal or even vertical surface does not have to be transformed to look beautiful for any season. You truly show that anyone can decorate and not spend days doing it. Thank you! Besides–who wants to pack up all that stuff? Not me!

    • says

      Barb, I hear ya I don’t like to store all that stuff. I keep 2 totes of things to decorate with and reuse them over and over in different ways throughout the house. I know my readers have seen it before but maybe they can get new ideas by me reusing it in a different way in a different area.

  11. Lynell Graw says

    I think your home is lovely ! Never compare . Do what makes you happy and decorate for you ! Read your blog every day and love reading everything there.

    • says

      Lynell I’m so glad to hear that you enjoy the blog. I think sometimes I just need to hear it’s okay to be me and I don’t have to live in a mansion for people to find what I have to say interesting or inspiring.

  12. says

    The elaborate decorating styles to me are picture worthy but not lived with worthy. We use our dining table every single day and to have all that stuff in the way is just not practical. I like the minimal because you can keep it where it is and still eat at that table. And if you need to move the “stuff” it would be an easy thing to take away and put back in moments.
    Usually because of my housekeeping vocation I just see a whole lot of stuff that needs frequent cleaning to look its best and much of the foliage withers and drops messy cr*p constantly. I have a client that does the elaborate thing and every time I have to clean up after her I swear I will NEVER do that in my own home.
    I love how you make simple and practical be so beautiful. Much more appealing in the real world.

    • says

      Pam, I don’t like clutter so to me it all looks lovely in everyone else’s home but it mine I just can’t get it to look right, so I guess that’s why simple is best for me. I think those people you clean for don’t realize how much work it is for you to keep all their stuff dusted, I guess that’s why they’re willing to pay someone else to do it.

  13. Debbie says

    In a word……NEVER……will I stop reading. Honestly, some of these blogs blow my mind. These women are constantly rearranging, repainting, swapping out and for the love of God why are they never satisfied. I do not understand this. As you know my last eleven months have been taken up with my daughter’s wedding planning and I don’t have the time or energy to revamp the house every two days. I do small vignettes and that is it. My Mom told me one day I would get tired of the elaborate decorating. She was right. I like what you do just fine. Sorry if this was a tad bit on the soap box. ; – )

    • says

      Debbie I’m cracking up reading your comments. I agree I don’t know how some of these people ever rest. I’m so glad I live in a log home and never have to paint walls I just couldn’t do it all the time. I know how much time that wedding is taking up for you, but you’ll be glad you put your energy there instead of redecorating every 2 days. LOL Family first!

  14. Theresa- Ohio says

    Everything you do already inspires me. I do not need to come back hoping to be inspired by you, I already am. I love the simple country look.

    • says

      Theresa thank you! I’m glad you enjoy what I do and say. I certainly don’t live an exciting life but I do enjoy blogging and getting to know all my readers.

  15. Kathleen G says

    I love reading the comments. I do get inspired from the blogs I read, elaborate or not. I’m always saying I’m going to buy velvet pumpkins and lanterns the last few years, haven’t yet. It took me an afternoon to put up my Fall decor in early Sept and half hour for my Halloween this morning. I really scaled down through the years. Fortunately my neighbor goes all out:). Your Fall table is just right and I like what you have to say and it’s really a journal for you, to see what have you done around the homestead. I’ll continue to read your blog Dawn. Have a beautiful Fall day with the turning of the leaves, Kathleen in Az

    • says

      Kathleen, I’ve really scaled down too. Kids don’t care anymore, I don’t decorate for Halloween at all anymore and I just don’t like to store all the stuff. I guess as I get older I want my life and my things to be as simple as they can be in this crazy world. I value you as a friend you’re also so loyal and leave a kind comment. Thank you for being there for me.

  16. Nancy Cox says

    I look forward to your posts everyday. It’s a great variety and I like ve you simple style. It’s refreshing.

    • says

      Nancy thank you so much it’s great to hear you’re not coming over looking for fancy things. I’m just a simple country girl who likes here home to be nice but also lived in.

  17. Anne says


    I think this looks lovely! You should be proud to entertain and eat delicious meals here. I enjoy being a guest at a home where things are not too fancy and where the focus is on time together. You always seem to convey that feeling. I appreciate your style and personality! Enjoy the season!

    • says

      Anne thank you for being so sweet. I remember walking into a family member’s house once with my Grandpa, and be both looked around, then at each other, and had no idea where to sit. Everything was so fancy we were afraid to sit down for fear we might dirty something, lol. It was a horrible feeling.

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