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10 Things To Do While Cleaning & Organizing a Refrigerator

Open Refrigerator

Yikes!! I can’t believe I am showing you my dirty little secret, but yes my refrigerator was in need of a cleaning and purging something awful. This is something that should be done once a month so those strange science projects don’t start growing in the back of the fridge. Part of my problem is I buy so many things in the institutional size, because of all the kids I feed. Those huge containers take up lots of room and make the space look cluttered in no time, not to mention it looks like the cram method was used here.


Clean Organized Refrigerator

I am lucky to have a fridge that most of the drawers and bins fit right into the dishwasher and that’s where they went for a good cleaning and sterilization. So while that was happening I checked the dates on all the products and pitched things that were expired and consolidated anything that we had 2 of open. I also wiped down all the jars and bottles. How does so much dust get into a fridge? 


Organized Refrigerator

I also wiped down the inside of the fridge while it was bare of food, shelves, and drawers. I know this is not the most glamorous organizational spot but it is a space that needs to be done from time to time. 


Clean Refrigerator

This task actually needs to be put on my monthly cleaning rotation of things to do. Living with all men doesn’t help matters they could care less if it was clean as long as there are things to eat. They would just push the science project aside and take out what they were looking for.


Stainless Fridge Cleaning

I can’t forget I also gave the outside a shinning, which is something I do often anyway. Guest see that part. LOL 


Below is a printable Refrigerator Maintenance Check List, these are all things that need to be done or checked once a year, and a Monthly Printable Chore Chart you can use to manage your large monthly chores. 


Refirgerator Maintenance Check List

Click Here to Download the Refrigerator Maintenance Check List


Monthly Chore Chart

Click Here to Download the Monthly Chore Chart


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  1. Oh does mine ever need a good cleaning, along with the cupboards, and closets, and garage…:)

    1. Mary, it seems our tasks are never done. Not enough time or energy in the day!

  2. I know it needs to be done but….I dislike cleaning the refrigerator. This checklist is a perfect reminder. Off to empty out the ice maker!

    1. Laura, it is a dreaded task that doesn’t seem to rewarding.

  3. I may have an organized craft room, but my fridge is a disaster! I hate cleaning the fridge out…crusted milk on the shelves, etc. Love your checklists! These are just what I need!

    1. Kristen, it is easy to neglect I find I sometimes just open it quick and hope no one notices the mess. LOL

  4. Oh, girl… I am so with you on this one…I kinda give our fridge a quick swipe every week, but sometimes you just have to take everything out & do a thorough cleaning. We purchased our fridge when we did our kitchen reno a few years back…I would never tell hubby…but I can’t wait for it to go kaput & I can get one I really like on the inside. I haven’t found a fridge yet that I can say I like the shelving & storage capacity…
    Since our reno we have replaced the wall oven and dishwasher (both only lasted about 7 years)…but it seems the fridge (which is nice enough stainless steel)…because I dislike it to much…will live forever, lol! I’m thinking I’d like to have one with a freezer drawer on the bottom.

    1. Charlotte, I know what you mean about new appliances. Mine were all purchased 5 years ago and I have already replaced the microwave and dishwasher, things just don’t last the way they used to and it always seems like the most hated appliance is the one that never dies. That’s how I feel about my washer, ugh…hate it. My mom just purchased a new refrigerator and they told her stainless was the cheapest to buy now because no one wants them. Sure wasn’t the case when I bought.

  5. Your after picture is fabulous! I usually clean out a shelf of my refrig. every time I make a big grocery run. I keep up with it better that way. What do you use to clean the outside? I have not found anything that’s works well and is EASY!

    1. Ann, thats a great idea 🙂 I just have to make myself do it once a month. I use a stainless steel cleaner from Menards called “Magic”, I also don’t wash my rag, I use the same microfiber cloth over and over with the build up of “Magic” in it. It works great.

  6. I never thought about cleaning the bins and shelves in the dishwasher. Great idea.

    1. Kim, I know the newer refrigerators parts break down to fit in the dishwasher. I think they planned that in the making 🙂

  7. So many great tips I have never thought of!….I love your refrigerator…would love one just like it and the way it is organized too!!!
    Great to party with you!!

    1. Shirley my fridge came form Sears’ outlet center I paid less than 50% of the original cost. If you have one in your area it’s worth checking out.

  8. Great checklist to go by for doing a non-glamorous job! Now I need to clean my frig out since yours looks fantastic!

    1. Kim, isnt it funny how after seeing someone else’s are it spurs us on to do our own? I have been inspired today by everyones organization.

  9. Dawn, I think we have the same fridge. I never thought of putting the bins and drawers in the dishwasher. What a great idea! I’ve gotten to the point of trying to keep up with the mess in there. It makes me happy to have it clean. 🙂

    1. Stacey, mine is from Sears I purchased it at there outlet center for more than 50% off.

  10. Obviously you girls need to come to my house. My fridge was worse Dawn, or I should say IS worse. Going down now, you inspired me:)

    1. Debbie, can’t wait to see how good yours turns out. You go girl!

    1. Kelly, glad to know Im not the only one with kids that doesn’t care about the weird things growing in there.

  11. I bet there are some great science projects in the back of mine 🙂

    1. Amy it sure is not but I was glad to see it sparkly clean again.

  12. This is definitely something that’s been on my list to do, but keeps getting pushed to the bottom of the list! Your fridge looks great!

    1. Susan, I know how that goes it’s easy to find something funner to do than clean 🙂

  13. My frig needed cleaning two weeks ago!
    Now I really feel I need to get on it.
    Your check list is a good idea, otherwise
    we forget.
    Thanks Dawn.

    1. Kim, It isn’t a very fun task but does need to be done from time to time. I was good about it when the fridge was new, but the wore off soon.

  14. I really needed this … love the chuckles, thank yout! And, how did you get it so shiny on the outside??

    1. Becca, I use a product called “Magic” from Menards on the fridge. It is a spray for stainless steel.

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