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Rustic Log Home Christmas Table Using Natural Elements

Rustic Log Home Christmas Table Using Natural ElementsWhile we had a nice sunny day I took a walk outside, gave the cedar trees a trim, gathered a few pinecones and went to work setting a simple Christmas table. We’ve been so busy around our house this Christmas season, so busy in fact I still haven’t purchased a tree, that I wanted something on the table that didn’t take long to create. 

Rustic Log Home Christmas Table Using Natural ElementsI’ve never been much on traditional Christmas colors so I went with the bright yellow this time in hopes of perking up our gloomy Michigan days. We seldom see the sun in these parts once December hits, but fortunately on this day it was beautiful outside and the yellow table setting just made it all shine. 

Rustic Log Home Christmas Table Using Natural ElementsWas it simple, yes. Was it inexpensive, yes. Was it easy and by easy I mean take less than 5 minutes to create, yes. Oh boy that’s just the way I’ve been liking it. I think with the kids grown I don’t feel the need to decorate to the hilt, and I like things that can be carried throughout winter. That’s why pinecones and snowflakes are good choices. I don’t feel the need to undecorate so quickly. 

Rustic Log Home Christmas Table Using Natural ElementsDo you see that shaker house in the background? I found it while on my weeding out spree and decided to refashion it into a birdhouse come summer, but in the meantime I rediscovered it has a night light in it. I decided to use it as Christmas decor and may forgo the birdhouse idea all together. 

Rustic Log Home Christmas Table Using Natural ElementsIt’s getting so close to Christmas and I haven’t even started shopping yet. With having grown kids it doesn’t take long anyway, no fighting the crowd for that popular toy on their list anymore. It makes thing much simpler for sure. So tell me are you still shopping for that one special gift?

Rustic Log Home Christmas Table Using Natural ElementsSigFeather

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  1. Hey Dawn, I love the way you brought the mustard in as your accent color same as the bedroom pulling the whole home together. The tin cupboard in the corner being mustard and the white granite dish basin just adds to the table runner of white and mustard, all and all it looks lovely. Have a safe and tree searching weekend. God Bless

    1. Joy I found a tree today. Im extremely late this year but my youngest son was in a terrible auto accident over a month ago so we have a lot to deal with right now.

  2. Dawn,
    Just beautiful. So fresh and pretty.
    Happy Friday. Have a great week end. Enjoy this mild weather we are having. More like Spring around here.

    1. Kris it’s so warm here I had weeds coming up in my landscaping today so I was outside weeding. Go figure!

    1. Shirley I really like that yellow color I am using. Some colors I get tired up quickly but so far that’s not one of them.

  3. I love using natural elements for decorating. How you used yellow pumped it up a couple notches…beautiful!

    1. Lori thank you I am loving the yellow pop too 🙂

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