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Adding Apple Green in the Kitchen

Styled Kitchen Window

I’ve added a touch of apple green in the kitchen this week inspired by my mom’s vintage green Pyrex bowl. I shopped the house and found several green things to work with. I think this green will also be added throughout the house, as spring gets closer.

I really like the neutral earth tones right now and they really fit the cabin better than any colors I’ve previously worked with so for now they’re staying.

Styled Kitchen Window

My mom sent this huge crate of Honeybell oranges from Florida as a Christmas gift as she does every year. They have the best flavor of any orange I’ve ever had and we are delighted when they appear on our doorstep in January. They add a touch of sunshine on a cold snowy day.

Styled Kitchen Window

I’m happy to announce I’ve been a good blogger and have kept up with my blogging resolutions and the one I’m most happy with is using my tripod for every shot. It does take a little more time but well worth the results.

I’ve also added a few gadgets to use with the tripod that make it easier and I’ll be back later to show them off.

Styled Kitchen Window

So far hubby hadn’t tackled raising the cupboard this week but he did install a kitchen organizer that I’ve been wanting and I’ll show that off next week too. We’ve been busy with taking our youngest to therapy and getting some materials for an outdoor project that needs to be done once the weather breaks a little.

Styled Kitchen Window

Styled Kitchen Window

Never enough time and always to much work to be done on our home. Just when I think I have it how I want it another problem or project pops up. This year we have some big thing to tackle like replacing a few logs in the lower level. I cant imagine how hubby’s going to do it but I know he will figure out a way.

Styled Kitchen Window

Now I’m off to enjoy a delicious and juicy Honeybell orange. Have a great start to your weekend everyone!


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  1. Kathleen G says:

    Good morning Dawn, oranges from the sunshine state, yum! The picture of your citrus color kitchen looks great using the tripod. Sounds like there is other priorities before the cabinets and taking your son to therapy is more important.
    Have a nice day, Kathleen in Az

    1. Kathleen yes the priorities just mound up, lol. The cabinets will happen when there’s time. My to do list keeps getting longer and longer, but someday things will be caught up.

  2. I love apple green…as you can see from my sunroom!…Just love the way it looks in your kitchen…and must say…love Honeybells too! Have a great weekend!

    1. Shirley do Honeybells grown in your neck of the woods? Hope you are safe from the storm and staying inside.

  3. Good morning Dawn, your house is so fabulous! I love to see all of the cute little touches that you’ve added. I was so deeply sorry to hear about your son and I pray that he is doing much better and will have a full recovery from this. You are an amazing mom. ?❤️?

    1. Linda yes our son is doing much better. He’s still in therapy but that should end soon and he can return to work. The insurance paperwork is mounding up but that’s minor compared to what he’s been through. Thank you for the continued prayers 🙂

  4. Good morning! Apple green is such a cheerful color. I love it, too. Hone bells are the most delicious oranges and they have such a short season, a special annual treat. Enjoy!

    1. Carolyn yes my mom sends the oranges every year she has a tree on her property and if we are there during the season my hubby picks and eats it clean.

  5. I love apple green! I have a darling apple green plate that I love to bring out at Spring. I have never seen apple green Pyrex!
    Our oranges are soooo good too! Love a fresh orange!
    XO Kris
    PS How is your son doing?

    1. Kris when my mom moved from our guest house she left all her furniture and dishes so we could rent or sell as a furnished place. I happened to notice she left all her vintage pyrex and I had to have it. So many of the pieces remind me of being a kid at home. Theres one pyrex bowl that I remember always being heaped with homemade mash potatoes with a big stainless steel spoon sticking out of the mound. I just couldn’t leave them behind.

    1. Thank you Judy its a lovely color to use when winter is dragging on.

  6. Hi, Dawn! The green adds that much needed punch of color to get us through the winter! Looks very nice!

    1. Susan I agree Im always in need of something spring like this time of year. We haven’t had much snow this year but we do have the cold temps and sunless days.

    1. Thank you Catherine it was in need of some freshening up for a pre spring look.

  7. …..Hello Dawn, I love your kitchen ! I also have apple green ( and shades of green ) in my kitchen, due to my belief that ” green” means ” life’ , and its where we spend a lot of time and effort, bringing life to the food we prepare , and providing nourishment. I think having any shade of green in your kitchen is a ” good thing’. 🙂 My own kitchen is shades of white, deep red, duck egg blue and the apple green shades. I have been fortunate in actually being able to tie all that together..lol . Thank you so much for sharing your post about incorporating somethign that belonged to your mom, into your kitchen. Love that. Blessings, Shelby

    1. Shelby I would love to see that color combination together, it sounds beautiful.

  8. We are definitely on the same wavelength as I’ve been adding pops of green around here too with glass thrift store finds…it’s such a happy color! I can’t wait until it gets warm enough to spray paint again…winter really puts a damper on those kinds of things!

    1. Cheryl I know what you mean. I just asked hubby this week if he had a reason to turn the heat on in the barn so I could spray paint. I hate to heat up such a huge area for just that reason. I think he has some work to do on the bobcat so I may be in luck.

  9. I love the apple green, Dawn. It always feels so fresh and pretty especially for spring. Your photography is gorgeous!

    1. JoAnne I didn’t realize I had so many things in that color so must be I like it too:)

  10. Such pretty, sunny citrus-y colors you’ve added to your kitchen. And your fabulous photos show them off beautifully! I suppose I need to pull out the tripod!

    1. Jane I thought of you when adding the apple green. I know it’s a favorite color for you 🙂

  11. Those oranges look delicious, Dawn, and I love the touches of green in your kitchen. xo Laura

    1. Thank you Laura it makes it feel a little like spring in the kitchen with the pops of green.

  12. Cheryl Major says:

    I love the pops of green in your kitchen, It is so refreshing. About those fresh oranges, I am so jealous!…Dang they look good.

    1. Cheryl Im always excited everytime I see the order.

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