Red Hunter Boots & The “M” Word

Red Hunter Boots, Denim Dress, Flannel Shirt, Red Puffy Vest

First lets talk about something fashionable, Red Hunter Boots. I’m obsessed with my Hunter boots and wear them almost every day. I don’t care what I have on I find a way to make them work. Today I’m wearing a denim dress, flannel shirt, quilted vest, and red boots. I look like a spiffed up version of a lumberjack, lol, but it’s comfy and still looks cute with rubber boots.

Now on to my next topic the “M” word, yes you guessed it menopause, ugh! I will be turning 50 this year but don’t tell anyone. If I’m asked I still have the standard answer of 29. I’ve actually used that number for so long I didn’t know how old I was really getting.

Red Hunter Boots, Denim Dress, Flannel Shirt, Red Puffy Vest

This crap is horrible; I no longer sleep at night and buzz around in the day like I’ve had a boatload of coffee (I don’t drink any caffeine at all) and I’m driving my hubby crazy tossing and turning all night. I decided to try some over the counter meds and picked up “Black Cohosh Menopause Complex”, it has a morning formula for hot flashes and mood changes and an evening formula for sleeplessness and night sweats and so far it’s doing nothing. I looked at other meds but most of them have soy in them and I don’t like what soy does in my body so that ones not for me. I won’t go to a doctor and get a prescription I’m totally against that, but I have been to a bio identical hormone replacement doctor but for right now that’s not an avenue I’m willing to go down.

Red Hunter Boots, Denim Dress, Flannel Shirt, Red Puffy Vest, Ford Truck

Another wonderful thing with age is getting a bra to fit properly. What is with that? Not everyone is a youthful 20 with perfect breasts. The whole process of bra shopping is dreadful. And another one of my complaints is woman’s clothing. Why can’t I find summer dresses with sleeves? I’m not wanting sleeveless or cap sleeves at my age I have those arms that have bat wings. I’ve never been one to wear anything sleeveless anyway, even when I was younger. I guess clothing manufactures think all us older woman have sexy sleek arms. Well I’m here to inform them, that’s not the case. Everything is going south and we need a clothing line that covers up some of the flaws. I’ve starting doing my own alterations; I buy long sleeve and alter them to ¾ length or short sleeves and with skirts I buy longer and hem them to knee length. At 50 we no longer look like supermodels, at least I don’t,  but still want to be stylish, yet not ridiculous. What’s on the racks today are made for teens or are so frumpy I wouldn’t be caught dead in it.

Another wonderful issue I’m having with age is my eyelids are starting to sag just enough onto my eyelashes making my vision impaired. What the heck is going on, I’m falling apart all in one year. I guess I’ll see my eye doctor about getting an eyelid lift so I can see, I’m not sure there’s any other solution other than duct tape them open. I guess that would be the cheaper route but wouldn’t be too stylish. I’m beginning to think turning 50 is the downhill slide to a whole mess of things.

But on a good note, I have very little gray hair, very few wrinkles, and my hubby loves me just the way I am. Hey I gotta find something good about being 50!

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  1. Kathleen G says:

    Dawn, you are a very beautiful lady!
    I didn’t use anything during menopause, some OTCs work for others, if not prescriptions.
    I certainly agree about finding stylish clothing at our age.
    Have a beautiful day, Kathleen in Az

    1. Kathleen Im going to give the OTC a try for 30 days and see if there’s a difference if not I may have to move into the guest bedroom so hubby can sleep, lol.

      1. Girls, what is Juvaderm? I’ll Google it but let me tell you I’ve decided to go get the little tiny veins taken care of in my legs so I can wear shorts for our hot Texas summers.

        1. Stacey it’s a filler to plump up the wrinkles, lol.

  2. lol! I’m 56 so I know exactly what you mean! You still look lovely and trust me, the menopause symptoms will pass. Have you looked at J.Jill clothes? They are a little pricey at full price but they have fantastic sales on their website and they are very high quality. Today they are offering an additional 40% off of sale prices! I may have ordered a couple of things today (don’t tell my husband though. lol!) Check the site out, I think you’ll like them. They do seem to be for our age. Cute, but not teeny bopper cute!

    1. Diane thank you for the recommendation, I will check them out. I don’t care about price if they fit correctly and are stylish.

  3. OMG You and I need coffee talk, even though you don’t drink it. Just my two cents worth..but don’t take the black cohash. There really are not any valid studies on it and I personally do not trust the stuff AT all. As far as the under the eyes…well between you and I, I just took care of that LOL!! You need a little juverderm lol. I feel a thousand times better looking in the mirror..and I am still a bit swollen from it. Anyhow, you look adorable and I love the red boots.

    1. Debbie I can drink my water and chat, lol. How often will you have to redo the juverderm?

  4. Nothing for me during the “M” period, hate any sorts of medication and just learned to tough it out.
    I agree that there are no clothing lines suitable for older women. You should create a line, I’m sure it would be widely accepted. I love wearing skirts but try to find any in the stores … solution, make my own. But now I’m retired I seem to just wear pants and capris when in season.

    1. Linda I haven’t done shorts for years and I do love a line of capris from Lands End. I have them in every color. I would rather wear a skirt in summer, so far I’ve picked up 4 that look nice so I may try and just mix and match what I have.

  5. Closing in on 50 and going through menopause also…. You look great for 50! I would recommend trying evening primrose oil and taking it faithfully. I do think it has been helping me.

    1. Verna I will pick so up and see how it works. Im going to give what Im taking now 30 days before I make a switch.

  6. Well I think you’re adorable, red boots and all! 29 should work for you for several more years! I’m right there with you and the ‘M’ word! you made me laugh reading your post. You hit it all…perfectly!

    1. Karen thank you so much, my son thinks I should up the age to 39, lol.

      1. Ha! Resist! My kids used to tell me…Mom, the next time you see 29, it’ll be 129!! (All in jest, mind you!). I have two boys and they just can’t leave well enough alone! ?

        1. LOL Karen, it took my boy quite some time when he was little to see that I was using the same 29 birthday candle year after year.

  7. Keep us informed on the clothing issues…. Im soooo with you on that …. “Older” doesn’t mean a little duster housecoat and bedroom slippers!!! I am older … I am a grandmother… but I also love to look stylish!! I am still very active… and I still work outside the home in an office………… but it’s so hard to find clothes that are stylish and age appropriate!! lolol….. Not going sleeveless for sure!!! lololol

    1. Terri let me tell you it’s quite the challenge. I do a lot of returns that’s for sure.

  8. jere wineman says:

    Dawn the key to any age is attitude..think old/be old.. so just keep hemming the skirts,trimming the sleeves and never leave home without your red boots and a dash of lipstick….life is good , enjoy. Jere
    P.S. I will be 90 years old this I speak with experience!!

    1. Jere, aw how sweet you will be 90. My gram is 96 and is always fashionable and always has her lipstick on….great tips!

  9. Dawn, You are so pretty!! It is a hard time going through menopause but you will get through it!! I tried everything but finally just took nothing. The worst part was the night sweats. I bought a sports towel that stays cool and wet for long period of time. Just before bed I wet it and kept it on the nightstand. If I woke up hot I would use it. Really helped a lot. Bought one at Homegoods last week in the cutest container. I bought some for gifts too. I agree with the clothes and I have shopped at J Jill’s. Love your red boots!!!

    1. Aw Nancy you are too sweet 🙂 I offend myself with armpit odor in the morning if the night sweats are too bad. I feel so sorry for my hubby. That prescription strength deodorant just can’t keep up. I wake up in the night and start stripping off my pj’s.

  10. LOL – I can SO relate with you, Dawn – especially about everything going south! I’ll be 50 at the beginning of next year.

    1. Angie everything is going south for me and if I start the plastic surgery I’ll go broke, lol.

  11. Dawn, I don’t envy any woman going through menopause. I’m 61 and finally done and so very happy for that. I did and took nothing for it either, just stuffed it out. I hate it when I look into my high magnify mirro to do my makeup because I can’t see worth beans. And you see all that facial fuzz, saggy eye lids, wrinkles, red streaks on your cheeks. That is very frighting! And yes we need a clothing line for just us older woman for sure. I have the same problem finding nice clothes. I have bought several piece from LuLaRoe that I really like and I where there leggings a lot. But now in California on the central coast it has been in the 80s! To hot for leggings. Hang in there, we all get through this M thing somehow. Have a great rest of your week and Happy Valentines Day to you ????❤️

    1. Linda Im hoping I can wing it without taking any meds, Im very against western medicine. I’ve never heard of LuLaRoe I will have to look it up. Im wearing leggings right now but it’s 24 degrees here.

  12. I am 63. About 10 years ago I got really desperate with the bra issue. Nothing seemed to fit anymore and I could not find the right size. I did a Google search and found a teeny, tiny store that sold bras and lingerie. Cheap? Absolutely not – about $80 per bra. But they personally fit you and help you find the size and style you want. Worth every penny. I live in Utah but my sister lives in Iowa. She had the same problem and she finally found a little store in Des Moines. It makes all the difference in the world. What a boost to the self confidence when you wear a bra that fixes perfectly.

    1. Terrie we have a place like that around here too and I’ve had mine custom made but didn’t notice a difference in the fit. Maybe Im just deformed, lol.

  13. Welcome to my world.. LOL.. minus the darling boots… Actually I’m a bit older.. But I still don’t sleep… Ugh.. And I can’t either find a bra to fit right… Hmmm thought it was just me. Love you outfit❤️

    1. Melissa so far I don’t feel sleep deprived. I always have a ton of energy but when I get up at 5am the rest of the family doesn’t want me bustling about making noise so I can’t even get things accomplished. You would think some manufacturer out there could get the bra thing right.

  14. Mary Sosa says:

    Oh my…been there, done that. I’m 61 and I think I finally see the light at the end of the tunnel! Although, it wouldn’t surprise me if it was a train heading my way 😉 I went through “M’ without any treatment or medications and I won’t lie to ya, it was a rough ride. But like the tough ladies that we are, we get through it and keep moving forward. Hang in there, it too shall pass. BTW, you look wonderful!
    I would like to recommend BALI bras. I bought one, on the spur of the moment, while traveling and love them. I had a breast reduction some years back and have tried many different brands of bras. I’m stuck on these, they fit really nice and are reasonably priced.
    Love the boots, perfect for Valentines Day!

    1. Mary I will try your Bra recommendation. If I find a keeper I will stick with it for sure.

  15. This little post of yours just brightened my day! Ü I love all your comments about menopause and love your cute red boots! It’s not fun getting older that’s for sure but it’s important that we have a sense of humor (like you) along the way!
    I also have a very hard time finding dresses with sleeves or that are long enough to cover my fat knees! I have found a company called “DownEast” and they make darling clothes and are affordable.
    Have a great day! Ü

    1. Holly, I will check out DownEast for sure. I had to giggle at your knees I guess we all have something to hide.

  16. Dawn, age is just numbers and you will twist and turn them throughout life, menopause is a time to get as much done that you haven’t been able to do. Don’t sweat it because you will be through it before you know it. Keep a bowl of citrus around lime, lemons or oranges you’d be surprise how it make’s you feel . God Bless.

    1. Joy thank you for the kind words of encouragement. Have a wonderful weekend!

  17. Vitamin E is the answer for those hot flashes. My specialist gynecologist suggested them, and I have never had a problem!
    My favorite clothing store is Christopher & Banks, all sizes, and nice clothes for reasonable prices for all ages.

    1. Sue my moms favorite store is C&B too. I can’t take Vitamin E it makes all my girly parts ache terribly, and not sure why.

  18. You look cute Dawn! Menopause is not FUN…..done with it… doctor told me to find chasteberry tea. NEVER FOUND IT.
    Well I could have looked on=line but I am like you—-frugal. I suffered thru it and there is a sunshine on the other side so to

    1. Debbie I’ve never heard of that tea. I will have to look for it. Thanks for the tip:)

  19. Dawn, I love you for posting these topics! I’ve skirted around them but don’t have the nerve to hit it head on like this. Last January I had a full hysterectomy including ovaries. Before that I had no symptoms of menopause at all so it was like hitting a brick wall of no hormones!

    Hot flashes are horrible and I seriously wish they could figure out a cure for that. My doctor said that a longitudinal study has been done with black cohosh and over time it builds up in your liver. She does not want her patients to take it so I’m not.

    She did recommend melatonin for sleeping and it has helped some. I take 5mg extended release. When she recommended it I was surprised and told her I had always assumed it was witch craft. She was very definite that it helps many people and I would say it has helped me but sometimes it gives me a bad headache. I take it anyway.

    Now you aren’t to this stage yet but….I’m taking Osphena (just Google it) and it works!

    The bra problem is real and I’m right there with you. We just got one of those Soma stores in town and I’m thinking about going for a proper bra fitting. I’m not sure how they fit you though when your boobs are heading south. 🙂

    All of this to say you look amazing! I love your outfit and you are rocking the red boots. Now I’m going to read all the comments.

    1. Stacey Im getting a chuckle out of your comment. You are so right about boobs going south. I tell hubby I want a boob job not to make them bigger but to put them back where they belong, lol. I’ve only used herbal remedies for over 20 years so I will check into the Black Cohosh more and read up on the Osphena. Yes I agree Melatonin works great, I just hate to take something nightly but it may come to that. Good luck with the bra fitting, I’ve done it before so just be prepared to be man handled. They get in the dressing room with you and really give you a good fitting. I was quite embarrassed at how much they manipulate and work with your breasts to get a good fit. Be prepared!

  20. Just ride it out as long as you can Dawn it does get better, eventually. I agree about summer clothes it is hard. There are a lot of good things about your 50’s, our bodies is just not one of them. lol Thankfully our husbands up close vision isn’t what it used to be and they love us just as we are. Hang in there my friend.

    1. Patty I love your comment that you for the chuckle and the kind words 🙂

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