Ikea Sideboard and Wall Mounted TV

Ikea Hemnes Sideboard and Tv Mounted on the Wall

I’ve been on a mission for years, looking for an old sideboard I could paint and transform into a TV stand. After looking for years on Craigslist, garage sales, and flea markets I just couldn’t find the right size or style so I gave up and purchased a sideboard from IKEA. I certainly would’ve liked real wood but this piece is growing on me. If you’ve ever purchased anything from IKEA you know it comes tightly packed in a box with a gazillion pieces. I dreaded the thought of putting it together and let it ride around in the back of my Jeep for about two weeks before I hauled it into the house and from there it was propped up against the wall for another two weeks. One day I finally asked hubby if he’d assemble it for me and he did. I was so thankful I didn’t have to tackle it on my own, all those pieces looked like more than I wanted to deal with.

I couldn’t decide if I wanted the TV to be mounted on the wall or stand on the sideboard so we left it on the sideboard for a few days and I knew it would have to go on the wall, there wasn’t enough room for the TV and décor items so hubby purchased a flat mount bracket and on the wall the TV went. I stained a piece of trim to cover the cords and my next project is to get the artwork placed around the TV, so stop by later to see that.

Fall Log Home Living Room Tour Using Rust, Gray, Brown, Yellow, and Pops of TurquoiseThe previous TV cabinet was used as an art closet in a local school and when the school closed it’s doors for good they had an auction. Hubby and I purchased the cabinet for $20 and used it for years. I like the idea of the TV being behind doors but I was ready for a change. I’m not quite sure why we have a TV in this room anyway no one ever uses it. I had to laugh the TV is 6 years old and still had the plastic on it. That just goes to show you how often it’s watched; no one even noticed the plastic.

Ferns Potted in Kitchen Bowls

I found these ferns at our local grocery store for $2 each and decided to give them a go. I always kill indoor plants but they were so enticing sitting at the register looking all spring like. I didn’t like the cheap plastic pots they came in so I popped them into my apple green kitchen bowls and I think they look just as nice as garden pots.

Tip: It’s always good to shop your house first and don’t be afraid to use things in ways they weren’t intended.

Ikea Hemnes Sideboard and Tv Mounted on the WallDon’t forget to come back by and see the artwork and the sideboard decorated for spring. I finally figured out a way to test drive the artwork before I started hammering nails. You won’t want to miss my brilliant idea. 



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  1. The apple green bowls look perfect with the ferns in them. Such a great color for spring or summer. We have our flat screen sitting on a, well… what I guess you call an ‘entertainment center’ and I have never liked it. My husband wanted it so that explains it’s existence in our home. LOL It’s a two piece unit and I would love to get rid of the upper portion of it and simply have more of a sideboard effect by only using the bottom section of it. It just looks like an elephant in the room to my eye. Your new piece has an updated look to it… very nice!

    1. Diane, yes we all need change from time to time. Those big entertainment systems were pricy in there day so I see why people hate giving them up. Luckily hubby doesn’t give a hoot what I do and most of the time he doesn’t even notice the changes. Leave him in his man cave and he’s happy.

  2. Really like the new sideboard. But gotta say, I absolutely love the old one. I have alot of “dust collectors” and need the area to display them. Hence why I am still using an outdated wooden entertainment center. Time for a change here too.

    1. Tandra my old one is out in the snowbank waiting to be burned, lol. I’m not much on dust collectors, I hate to dust.

  3. Kathleen G says:

    The apple green bowls looks like Spring to me! Well our big tv is sitting on small entertainment stand in our small living room. Talk about an elephant in the room! I do have a mantel shelf above it with my seasonal decor. It’s always dusty here in the desert. Looking forward to seeing your Spring decor. Kathleen in Az

    1. Kathleen our big TV is in our room. Im not a TV watcher so for years all we had was a 12″ black and white, LOL. Hubby it the TV watcher in our family.

  4. Love the new sideboard and how it looks against the wall….those ferns in their containers are just perfect and I look forward to seeing your bright idea!!!

    1. Shirley I have a lightbulb moment every once in awhile, LOL.

  5. I like the piece of furniture you are using for your tv area. Can’t wait to see what you do next. 🙂

    1. Stacey I have the artwork up so I’ll be posting soon.

  6. Looks fantastic Dawn. You are li9ke me with indoor plants. The ferns are pretty in the lime green Springy bowls. Even if you only have them for a month, you didn’t spend too much to waste.

    1. Debbie I hope the weather gets better here and I can replant them outside. I think I’ll have better luck out there.

  7. We went for 12 years without a television and were quite content. But, when our children moved to town, they insisted that we have a television for them to watch when they were visiting so they bought Steve one for his birthday. I am still trying to come up with a way to hide it in our tiny living room.

    1. Carol I just don’t have time for tv, and so much of what’s on is horrible anyway. I find I watch BBC on Netflix if I get the urge to watch something. They are an eyesore in the room that’s for sure.

    1. Kris me too, I was needing an update long ago.

  8. Cheryl Major says:

    I really like your new sideboard. It looks so perfect where you put it. Those little ferns and green bowls are so charming.

    1. Cheryl I feel like it updated the look and will work for quite some time. Bad part is with it being black I have to dust it every day.

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